Get Your Meeting Off To A Good Start With This Quality-Made Meeting Tote

meeting tote bag custom branded

The Asher Meeting Tote Available In Black, Blue, Green, Red – as low as $4.29

Looking for quality-made, custom printed tote bags for an upcoming meeting, convention or conference?  The Asher Meeting Tote bag is a great choice.

The Asher Meeting Tote comes in four different colors, Black, Blue, Green, Red.  Your branding or logo is screen printed on the front pocket up to 5″W x 4″H for ample branding exposure. This bag has double 29 inch handle with a zippered main compartment. It also comes with an open front pocket, two pen and USB flash drive slots and it also comes with a D-ring.

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Freshen Your Brand and Your Client’s Breath with GUMvelopes

Freshen your brand with GUMvelopes - gum in a custom printed package.

Freshen your brand with GUMvelopes – gum in a custom printed package.

When it comes to choosing the right tradeshow giveaway, promotional gum offers your company the ability to refresh your brand as you freshen your client’s breath. Watch as your clients bring out your custom branded gum packets throughout the day to refresh themselves before making a first impression.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

GUMvelopes include a 12-pack of sugar free pepper mint gum with your logo printed on the custom branded gum packet. Options for printing are full color or 1 color direct imprint.

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In addition to tradeshows, GUMVelopes make excellent employee and client gifts because of the residual marketing effects. Every time your employee or client pulls out gum in a custom printed package, your marketing will be at work.

GUMvelopes are the perfect all-purpose promotional product because gum will forever be a favorite among adults and children alike. No matter what your marketing goals, promotional gum can help get you there.

For a free sample of GUMvelopes and more information about what gum in a custom printed package can do for your brand, contact us today to get started.

Clients Note Your Brand With The Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen

Custom Branded Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen

Custom Branded Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen

Notebooks and pens are the standard giveaway at conferences, conventions, trade shows and meetings because of their ubiquitous practicality. The Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen takes the traditional idea one step further by combining the notebook and pen together for a promotional product your customers will actually appreciate.

Instead of fishing around in purses or briefcases looking for a pen to use with a notebook, clients will reach for your all-in-one custom branded notepad with pen. An elastic closure holds the pen securely onto a 100 page notebook — made of recycled material — the perfect solution to the classic problem of trying to find a pen and paper in a hurry.

Every time your client jots down an idea, he or she will take note of your company as well because of your custom printed logo on the front cover of the notebook. The Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen is branding at its best with a functional product that produces residual marketing returns.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Choosing an eco friendly custom printed notebook or notepad with pen also shows your clients that your company is committed to being environmentally friendly. Don’t underestimate the value clients place in corporate responsibility and what an eco friendly notepad says about your brand.

Order your free sample today and to learn more about what The Eco Bound Perfect Notebook and Pen can do for your brand.

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Keep Your Company on Your Client’s Mind With Satin Sleep Masks

A custom printed satin sleep mask

Custom branded satin sleep mask 

A custom printed satin sleep mask is a unique promotional giveaway that is especially effective for airlines, travel agencies, cruise lines, event planners and wedding planners. This eye mask with branded logo is the perfect gift for any client that must travel frequently for business or is expected to undergo intense stress because of a specific event or project.

What better way to keep your company on your client’s mind then with a satin sleep mask? As the worries of your clients melt away and they fade into sleep, your clients will be reassured by your company and associate your brand with a sense of calm amidst the stress of doing business.

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 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Satin sleep masks customized with your company’s logo provide relief and calm for your clients while reinforcing your brand. Anytime your clients are traveling, especially by plane, they will appreciate the calm that the satin sleep masks offer. For national or regional conferences, conventions or trade shows, eye masks are the perfect giveaway.

For a free sample of a custom printed satin sleep mask and more information about what branded logo products can do for your business, contact us today.

Customized tattoo sleeves show off the edgy side of your brand

promotional giveaway nylon tattoo

Custom printed tattoo sleeves – as low as $1.33 each.  Click image for info.

Top marketers are always on the lookout for opportunities to create a buzz at conventions, trade shows, concerts and other promotional events.  The folks over at BBC did exactly that when they chose to create custom tattoo sleeves for their popular Doctor Who television series.  These tattoo sleeves became the “must have” booth giveaway at Comic-Con.  We have to give props to the graphic artist who created the artwork for these which really helped give it that realistic tattoo look.

doctor who custom tattoo sleeve

Whether ordering a single custom tattoo sleeve or a pair of custom printed tattoo sleeves, your brand will get plenty of attention at your next event when choosing to go with one of these bad boys.

When considering producing a custom tattoo sleeve, it’s best to give it a good 6-8 week lead time from start to finish.  This will allow ample time for drafting and approval of the graphics as well as the production time needed to produce and deliver the sleeves to you.

At Brand Spirit, we help make the entire process a breeze so that you can sit back and relax knowing that your project is in good hands.