Add Your Logo To These Mini USB 4-Port Hubs – Just $2.65

usb hub custom printed branded

Mini USB 4-Port Hub Includes 1-color Custom Imprint – $2.65

These 4-port USB Hubs are the ideal branded business gift for traveling business executives.  Most laptops comes standard with just 2 USB ports.  With this custom printed USB Hub, one port can extend into 4 USB ports.

Priced at just $2.65 for quantities of 100 and up, this promotional USB Hub is a great idea for trade show gifts and giveaways, marketing kits, promotions and more.

It doesn’t require an external power source.  Just plug it into any USB port and then connect up to 4 additional media accessories such as printers, cameras, scanners, etc.

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Customize Pocket Farkel Dice Game For A Promotional Gift With Tons Of Fun

custom pocket farkel dice game

Custom Printed Pocket Farkel Dice Game – as low as $4.54 – click for info

The original game of Farkel was introduced in 1996 and since then has become a hit with a wide audience ranging from ages 8 to 108.

Now businesses can customize the compact Pocket Farkel® dice game with their full-color custom graphics printed directly onto the Farkel case.  The white dice can even be printed in full color as well!  There are other dice colors available such as red, green, blue or purple.  However, only the white dice have the option for a full color custom imprint.

To play the game, the dice are rolled, adding up points to be the first to reach 10,000 points.  To win the game, players need a combination of luck and strategy.

The possibilities are really endless with this super-fun promotional Farkel dice game.  They can be given as party favors at corporate meetings and events, gift bag items, trade show giveaways, fundraiser items, gift with purchase, premiums, incentives and more.

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Experience Branding Magic With Retro Custom Printed Magic Slates

magic slate magnetic promotional

Magnetic Magic Slate With Custom Printed Logo – as low as $4.19

Using these retro magnetic magic slates as a promotional item for your next marketing campaign will captivate your perspective customers in a fun and creative way.

This magic slate is loads of repeatable fun for kids and adults alike as their creative juices flow.  Whatever is drawn or written on the slate can be instantly wiped clean with a single swipe on the magnetic strip.

Your logo is printed directly onto the outer case of this magnetic magic slate giving your brand plenty of marketing exposure.

You can incorporate this slate into a promotional campaign in various creative manners. Use them as a giveaway at trade shows, for instance, or institute a creative direct mail campaign in which these slates can be featured with a message. Whichever way you choose to use them, you can rest assured that your business associates and perspective clients will have a blast using them.

There is no time like the present to make these marketing campaign treasures your own.  Click here to view product ordering information.

Compressed 100% Cotton T-Shirt in Custom Shapes

compressed t-shirt custom shape

Custom Shaped Compressed T-shirt – as low as $5.48

If you are looking for a unique promotional item, look no further than compressed 100% cotton t-shirt in custom shapes. These wearable promotional items are made by taking a 100% cotton t-shirt and imprinting your business name, logo or graphic onto it. Then, the shirt is compressed into whatever shape you desire.  You can choose from a wide array of shapes including animals such as dogs or bears, clothing such as shorts or t-shirts, electronics like cell phone or tablet, food like pizza slices or hot dogs, nature such as trees or flowers, sports like footballs or softballs as well as states, letter and shapes.


T-Shirt Compressed Into Cocktail Liquor Bottle Shape

These compressed 100% cotton t-shirts in custom shapes are ideal for trade shows and event giveaways. Trade shows are a great way for you to interact with the public not only throughout the day of the show but also after the event is over. This is where your promotional products come in to play. These compressed t-shirts will be a constant reminder to people about the goods and services that your business offers.


Compressed T-shirt In Shape of Donut – Many Stock Shapes To Choose From

Compressed 100% cotton t-shirts in custom shapes are also great for welcome kits and member packets. You can include a compressed t-shirt with your company name, logo or graphic and include things like business cards, employee ID badge, welcome letter, orientation schedule, pay schedules, holiday/vacation information, and policy information.

Just think of how cool it would be to get your company name, logo or graphic out to current and potential customers as well as clients in the form of something as unique as a compressed t-shirt.  Click here for product ordering information.

Promote Your Business By “Being There” In A Pinch With This OxiOut Stain Remover

Emergency Stain Stick fabric cleaner custom label promotional

Custom Branded OxiOut Emergency Stain Stick – priced from $1.82 – $2.38

Have you ever spilled a beverage or some food on a prized outfit just before a business meeting or during a social lunch? Of course–it happens to everyone at some point in their adult lives. Everyone experiences an embarrassing spill every now and then, and they find themselves wishing they had a stain remover with them to smooth over the crisis. Here is your chance to offer your business associates a promotional product that is inexpensive yet practical–something they could use when they are in a real pinch. OxiOut is America’s leading stain removal brand, and their emergency stain Stick is already a hit with most customers. Now, the OxiOut Emergency Stain Stick can be custom-branded with your unique business logo, making it a perfect promotional gift item.

Use this wonderful product as part of a trade show giveaway package. Its usefulness will catch the recipients’ interest, making your logo (and therefore your services) memorable to them. This powerful stain remover can defeat even the toughest stains, such as ones from soft drinks, coffee or tea. It works wonders on almost any type of fabric.

This promotional product is compact and light, containing only 0.5 fluid ounces in a single bottle. This product is a great one to customize despite its size, however, because the bottle is reusable and recyclable. Your imprinted logo will remain on the bottle long after its original content is gone. This fantastic marketing tool can be easily refilled and used long-term.

Bring your business in a lucrative direction by paying pennies for marketing it. Buy your OxiOut promotional product in bulk today and offer it at a future trade show as a giveaway. Your gift will be appreciated by all, and your brand will benefit from it.

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