Case History: Custom Tattoo Sleeves Become “Hit” At Conference

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Custom Tattoo Sleeve – as low as $1.35 (click image for info)

PreventionGenetics needed custom nylon tattoo sleeves for use a giveaway at an upcoming genetics conference.  The client was also in need of an artistic tattoo design that would appeal to mostly a female audience and which would incorporate custom DNA-inspired artwork.

The final result was this very cool tattoo sleeve artwork created by one of our incredibly talented graphic design artists.  Awesome graphics can take a unique product like this to an entirely different level, creating a giveaway that will be talked about long after the event has ended.  The client was thrilled to report back that the tattoo sleeves were a “HUGE hit” at the conference.

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Customized tattoo sleeves show off the edgy side of your brand

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Custom printed tattoo sleeves – as low as $1.33 each.  Click image for info.

Top marketers are always on the lookout for opportunities to create a buzz at conventions, trade shows, concerts and other promotional events.  The folks over at BBC did exactly that when they chose to create custom tattoo sleeves for their popular Doctor Who television series.  These tattoo sleeves became the “must have” booth giveaway at Comic-Con.  We have to give props to the graphic artist who created the artwork for these which really helped give it that realistic tattoo look.

doctor who custom tattoo sleeve

Whether ordering a single custom tattoo sleeve or a pair of custom printed tattoo sleeves, your brand will get plenty of attention at your next event when choosing to go with one of these bad boys.

When considering producing a custom tattoo sleeve, it’s best to give it a good 6-8 week lead time from start to finish.  This will allow ample time for drafting and approval of the graphics as well as the production time needed to produce and deliver the sleeves to you.

At Brand Spirit, we help make the entire process a breeze so that you can sit back and relax knowing that your project is in good hands.