Appeal To Golf Enthusiast’s With This Customizable Golf USB Flash Drive

golf usb flash drive custom printed

Custom Printed Golf USB Flash Drive – as low as $4.85

Have you ever used a piece of portable technology with fondness and pride because it symbolized something you were passionate about? If so, you can understand why this customized promotional golf USB flash drive could be the ultimate dream gift for most businessmen. Give your business associates something to show off in their office cubical’s as well as on the golf course.

Whether your business has anything to do directly with the game of golf or not, this golf-shaped USB flash drive makes a perfect promotional gift. It is a commonly known fact that most businessmen prefer playing golf as a social and professional pastime. Print your logo on this promotional flash drive and watch your business networking experience flourish as your company’s visibility grows.

These flash drives shaped like golf balls can definitely come in handy to your promotional gift recipients. You can choose from several volume amounts. Whether you  offer your gift recipients a 64 mb, 256 mb, 512 mb, 1gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, or 8GB flash drive, you will be gifting them with a powerful and compatible file storage device. This custom-printed flash drive can store music, text files and other data; what your recipients choose to store on their drive will be determined by the volume size you choose to offer. The most appealing benefit that these branded flash drives feature is that they are plug-and-play devices. This means that these golf ball-shaped USB drives can be plugged and accessed on any computer system without the necessity to install additional programs or drivers.

Bring these flash drives with you on a business trip or to a golf game and expand your brand’s visibility in an affordable and effective manner.

Purchase your promotional golf ball USB flash drives in bulk today. You never know when the opportunity will strike for you to present one to a passionate golf player and business associate.