Exhibitpro Gets Some Cool Swag To Communicate New Tagline

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Gadget Grips DOT Smartphone Button Stickers – as low as $.75

We really enjoy helping our clients come up with fresh concepts to promote their brands.  Exhibitpro, a state of the art exhibit production company, was looking for giveaway ideas to promote the theme of their new tagline.  These custom branded products were to be used at giveaways at an open house event at their shiny, new corporate headquarters.

After multiple ideas were presented, the client choose two awesome gifts. The first one was Gadget Grips DOTS which are removable, stick-on buttons that turn an iPhone’s ‘in-y” button into an ‘out-y”.  These DOTS are perfect for showcasing their cool logo and also keep their logo right where it will be seen all day long…on people’s phones.  You can get much better marketing than that. To communicate the new branding and tagline, we customized the packaging with their full color artwork.

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As a second, higher-end gift, Exhibitpro chose these classy, multi-functional, portable power banks.  These handy gadgets feature a brushed satin black metallic aluminum case, a 2000 mAh Li-ion battery for charging your mobile phone and also function as a remarkably bright flashlight.  Their logo looked stunning in metallic silver ink printed onto the satin black aluminum casing.

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Looking for some fresh product ideas to promote your brand?  We’re ready to help! Contact us to tap into our deep industry expertise delivered with outstanding client care and attention.

Tequila Brand Uses Old-Fashioned Mason Jars In Promotion

custom printed mason jars

Glass Mason Jar , 16 oz. with Custom Imprint

Check out these mason jars we recently produced for a Cuervo promotion.

Mason jars are back in trend and people are using them for all sorts of beverages…from lemonade and juice to cocktails…and even beer!  You see these old-fashioned style jars being used as drink containers in restaurants and bars as well as in the home.

Custom printed mason jars are available in glass or BPA free Tritan…with or without handles.  And some even come with colored lids and straws.  Click here to view a variety of styles and options, all of which can be printed with custom graphics.

REELZChannel Gives Party-goers An Unfortgettable Experience

Octoberfest image low res 3What do you get when you mix an Octoberfest-themed party with the upfronts in April?  You get raving reviews from party-goers and SWAG that disappears off tables faster than it can be replenished.Octoberfest image low res Creating a unique and memorable party gift was top priority for this project for REELZChannel, an independent television channel with original shows such as Hollywood Hillbillies, Beverly Hills Pawn, and Hollywood Scandals.  

Since the party was Octoberfest themed, a ceramic German-style beer stein was chosen as the party gift for those who attended. In order to ensure that the clients’ artwork really “popped,” ceramic decals were used which were then high-fired onto ceramic beer steins. This process fuses the ceramic decal onto the mug so that it seamlessly integrates with the mug itself.Octoberfest image low res 2Nice packaging can really take a gift to the next level.  So we created custom-printed gift boxes filled with orange crinkle cut filling to hold each ceramic beer mug. These gift boxes were then placed into branded gift bags for easy transport home after the party.

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Orange box filling makes a great office prank!

In the end, mission accomplished!  The gifts receive raving reviews and our client was thrilled with the results.

After getting the gifts back home, some people even found additional creative uses for the crinkle filling such as this hilarious office prank.  Now where are those files?

Customize Pocket Farkel Dice Game For A Promotional Gift With Tons Of Fun

custom pocket farkel dice game

Custom Printed Pocket Farkel Dice Game – as low as $4.54 – click for info

The original game of Farkel was introduced in 1996 and since then has become a hit with a wide audience ranging from ages 8 to 108.

Now businesses can customize the compact Pocket Farkel® dice game with their full-color custom graphics printed directly onto the Farkel case.  The white dice can even be printed in full color as well!  There are other dice colors available such as red, green, blue or purple.  However, only the white dice have the option for a full color custom imprint.

To play the game, the dice are rolled, adding up points to be the first to reach 10,000 points.  To win the game, players need a combination of luck and strategy.

The possibilities are really endless with this super-fun promotional Farkel dice game.  They can be given as party favors at corporate meetings and events, gift bag items, trade show giveaways, fundraiser items, gift with purchase, premiums, incentives and more.

Click here to learn more about how to order these for your next promotion or event.

Promote Your Brand With Sweet Smell of Mom’s Apple Pie

soy apple promotional candle in tin can

Round Tin Soy Candle (Baked Apple Scent) Custom Printed – as low as $3.86

There is nothing better than the sweet smell of fresh baked apple pie. Just imagine the scent of apples, butter, cinnamon and cream with the background of fresh baked crust. A promotional candle makes the ideal promotional product. With the sweet balance of scented oil as well as natural soy will provide your customers with a long lasting as well as enticing aroma.

This 4 ounce round tin candle makes a great giveaway item. Mostly everyone uses candles these days and having one imprinted with your company name and logo is a great way to keep your brand front and center on a daily basis. The candle has a green color and amazing baked apple scent. In addition, there are also other scents available with the 4 ounce round tin candles including Hawaiian paradise, mango & papaya, ocean mist, vanilla, lilac, fresh cut roses, cinnamon and lemon chiffon.

Candles also make great gift ideas for employees, customers and clients. These round tin candles are made from soy wax, which is biodegradable, clean-burning and all natural. The cotton wick is 100% lead-free.

Promotional items, such as candles, are ideal for things such as business gifts, trade shows, building traffic, employee relations, brand awareness, safety programs or product rollouts.

A custom printed candle makes a terrific promotional item for grand openings or company anniversary celebrations. Grand openings are important because it is an important time to show local folks that you fully intend to set up shop in their town and you intend to stay there. If you do not show good faith efforts to the locals, they may not have any interest in buying your products or services. Company anniversary gifts are perfect for thanking current customers for their business throughout the years.

Click here for additional product details.

Get A Complete Promotional Cleaner Kit For Eye Glasses or Sunglasses

blythe promotional printed eye glasses cleaner kit

Blythe Promotional Cleaner Kit for Eye Glasses – Custom Printed. As low as $3.35 each

The Blythe Bag Cleaner Kit makes a great gift for clients, customers and employees.  The best place to show off this great cleaning kit at your next corporate event.  Imagine your company logo showcased on the top part of the plastic pouch that houses the kit.  You can also have the microfiber cleaning cloth and the lens cleaner spray encased with a custom printed label.  The complete cleaning kit comes with a 1 ounce lens cleaning spray and microfiber cleaning cloth, perfect for cleaning eye glasses or sunglasses.  Just think about how much your employees, clients and customers will love this corporate gift that they can find useful every day.

The Blythe Bag Cleaner Kit is ideal for cleaning glasses and sunglasses.  This custom printed gift set is bulk packed.  The eyeglass cleaning kit comes in a zippered plastic, clear pouch that is 5 1/4″ wide and 5 1/2″ high that is made from vinyl.  The white microfiber cleaning cloth measures 6″ wide by 6″ high and is made from microfiber materials.  The bottle is clear with a black top cap.

This cool cleaning kit also makes a great prize for things like giveaways.  They are very useful and tangible since the person who wins this great prize will constantly be reminded of the product on a daily basis.  In the event that the prize winner does not need or want the cleaning kit, they will most likely pass it on to someone who will find the product useful.  They will have the product in front of them and will be reminded of your brand when they need the product again.

Others that would greatly benefit from the Blythe Bag Cleaner Kit would be optician, optometrists and ophthalmologists.  You can also give them out at trade shows and fairs and use as direct mailers.

Click here to learn how you can order the Blythe Bag Cleaner Kit branded with your company logo.

Promotional Neoprene Coasters Build Your Brand While Protecting Desktops

brooklyn neoprene full color promo coaster

Brooklyn Neoprene Coaster with custom imprinted logo – as low as $.73

What better way to spread the word about your business than by imprinting your logo on an every-day practical item? A coaster is likely to be used every day; most people want to prevent water rings from forming on their furniture, therefore coasters are as practical as placemats. Feature these simple yet appealing Brooklyn Neoprene coasters as a part of a promotional giveaway and ensure that  the recipients are reminded of your brand each time the gift is being used.

These custom logo printed coasters are durable and flexible. Their non-skid bottoms ensure that any beverage container set upon one of them will be perpetually spill-proof. Their 1/8′ thickness ensures that these custom-printed coasters are portable and sleek–they can be brought out for any occasion and stored without much fanfare.

You are free to design these promotional coasters in any color best suited for your needs. Plain casual coasters with a small logo imprint may be more appropriate than a more colorful, flamboyant set with a larger imprint–it is up to your discretion how your business is promoted.

Take these custom logo printed neoprene coasters on a business trip and pass them out as party favors at recreational and networking events. They are guaranteed to make a unique and durable gift–one that does not cost a fortune to manufacture or purchase. Small objects such as promotional neoprene coasters can do wonders for your marketing campaign. Why spend thousands on billboards and airtime when a neoprene coaster is so much more personal and will last a lot longer?

Share your business with others and provide the gift of fewer water rings on wooden furniture by gifting these custom logo printed neoprene coasters at your next promotional events. Order them today and have them on hand for future promotions and giveaways.

Click here to view product ordering information.

Click here to view a list of other promotional coaster styles and ideas

Custom Printed Mason Jar With Colored Lids And Matching Straws

promotional mason jar customized with colored lid and straw

28 oz. Cayuga Mason Jar with custom imprint – as low as $3.89 each. CLICK IMAGE for product info.

The Cayuga 28 oz Mason Jar is a great promotional product for any organization. Whether you want to give it to your employees and clients or give away as a promotional product, everyone who receives this will enjoy it this retro inspired beverage container. The jar is large enough to hold practically any type of cold drink. These mason jars are very popular for promotional giveaways. There is a large imprint area so that your clients will always remember you.

While the mason jar itself is clear, the lids and straws come in different transparent colors. These colors can compliment your team, logo or overall brand image. They can come in orange, red, green, blue, clear and purple. The imprint, or logo, can be placed in just about any color you need. The imprint area is 3.50 inches wide and 2.75 inches high.

This Cayuga mason jar is a great, high quality, premium product that everyone is sure to enjoy no matter what reason they received it for.

Click here to view additional product information.

Help Your Clients Work On Important Documents | Mini Stationery Kit

Clients will turn to your Mini Stationery Kit while on business trips.

Clients will turn to your Mini Stationery Kit while on business trips.

Your client finishes up the final draft of a proposal on a business trip. Just a few staples and it’s ready for his client to review. Equipped with your travel stationary kit with custom printed logo for giveaway, he’ll thank your company as he closes the deal.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Inside of this Mini Stationery Kit with your logo and company information prominently displayed on the front includes the following useful items:

  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Extra Tape Refills

For similar promotional products to use as business gifts, please click here.

Clients are tired of business gifts that aren’t useful, especially at tradeshows and special events. instead, give travel gifts this year that your clients will actually thank you for while on business trips. All they need is your custom printed Mini Stationery Kit and they are ready to set up an office anywhere!

Choose from clear or blue for the plastic outside color to fit your brand. Select from a number of imprint colors to make your company stand out on this travel stationery kit with custom printed logo for giveaway.

To learn more about the Mini Stationery Kit and how travel gifts with your logo on them can help spread your brand, contact us today and request a sample.

Mend Business Travel Needs of Your Clients | Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit

A Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit mends your client's travel needs.

A Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit mends your client’s travel needs.

For clients and business associates who travel frequently, nothing comes more in handy than the Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit. With accessories for personal care and sewing, this is one of the best gifts for road warriors in the business world.

Custom logo branded manicure kits and sewing kits allow your marketing message to travel right along with your clients, employees and business associates. Your logo will see the world, and in turn the world will see your company’s logo.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Deluxe Manicure Sew Kits also make excellent tradeshow giveaways and special event giveaways. Anyone who must travel for business understands the value of a quality manicure kit, especially one with a sewing kit included.

To see similar manicure and sewing promotional products that make great travel gifts, please click here.

The Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit finally includes everything that a business traveller needs while on a trip. So, what’s included in custom logo branded manicure kits and sewing kits?

  • 8 spools of thread
  • 3 sewing needles & needle threader
  • plastic thimble
  • 2 safety pins
  • 2 buttons
  • tweezers & scissors
  • nail clipper & file
  • cuticle pusher
  • vinyl tape measure

Contact us today to request a sample and discover how custom logo branded manicure kits and sewing kits make the perfect travel gifts.