Promote Your Business By “Being There” In A Pinch With This OxiOut Stain Remover

Emergency Stain Stick fabric cleaner custom label promotional

Custom Branded OxiOut Emergency Stain Stick – priced from $1.82 – $2.38

Have you ever spilled a beverage or some food on a prized outfit just before a business meeting or during a social lunch? Of course–it happens to everyone at some point in their adult lives. Everyone experiences an embarrassing spill every now and then, and they find themselves wishing they had a stain remover with them to smooth over the crisis. Here is your chance to offer your business associates a promotional product that is inexpensive yet practical–something they could use when they are in a real pinch. OxiOut is America’s leading stain removal brand, and their emergency stain Stick is already a hit with most customers. Now, the OxiOut Emergency Stain Stick can be custom-branded with your unique business logo, making it a perfect promotional gift item.

Use this wonderful product as part of a trade show giveaway package. Its usefulness will catch the recipients’ interest, making your logo (and therefore your services) memorable to them. This powerful stain remover can defeat even the toughest stains, such as ones from soft drinks, coffee or tea. It works wonders on almost any type of fabric.

This promotional product is compact and light, containing only 0.5 fluid ounces in a single bottle. This product is a great one to customize despite its size, however, because the bottle is reusable and recyclable. Your imprinted logo will remain on the bottle long after its original content is gone. This fantastic marketing tool can be easily refilled and used long-term.

Bring your business in a lucrative direction by paying pennies for marketing it. Buy your OxiOut promotional product in bulk today and offer it at a future trade show as a giveaway. Your gift will be appreciated by all, and your brand will benefit from it.

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Watch Your True Marketing Potential Amassing with this Trek Duffel Bag

Custom Branded Trek Duffel Bag

Custom Branded Trek Duffel Bag

This custom Trek Duffel Bag, when imprinted with your logo or brand name, can amass your true marketing potential. It can become your most powerful promotional duffel bag – the best way to get your business message across.

This custom duffel bag has multiple color choices with low pricing – you’ll love it at first glance.

This inexpensive duffel bag can be included as sales incentives or given employee gift or as tradeshow giveaway. It is custom printed and branded with your own business message – any way you want it.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

It features the zippered main compartment and a zippered front pocket. It also has a supportive bottom feet and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The custom printed duffel bag is a perfect promotional item for those in the sporting or gym industry – not to mention those that encourage outdoor life.

Giving away this practical but fashionable bag with your logo in it is the best way to advertise. It can even turn heads on your direction or wherever the bag is seen.

Make sure that each customer or employee you have is seen with this bag by giving it out as sales incentives and employee gifts. Through this, your company will get the attention it deserves.

There are multiple options available, which make sure you’ll find a creative and attractive promotional duffel bag your customers will love.

For sheer practicality purposes, nothing really beats the Trek Duffel Bag. Click here for product details.

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Be Phenomenal with Customized Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Pocket Pump

Custom Printed Instant Hand Sanitizer

Custom Printed Instant Hand Sanitizer

Would you like to stand out and become phenomenal on your next promotional product? As a tradeshow giveaway, this customized instant hand sanitizer gel pocket pump would be perfect for you.

This custom logo branded sanitizer is USA produced and labeled in full compliance with the regulations provided for by the FDA. The blue mist product has the Patented Twist-Lock Top ™, which offers easy and convenient one-hand use and a great way to prevent leaks.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

What’s more impressive is that you can recycle the tube!

The blue mist hand sanitizer has a capacity to kill 99.9% germs and has aloe that moisturizes the skin. The corn-derived 62% alcohol formula is friendly to the environment. It has been tested and tried as well as guaranteed free from bacteria. It has a clear tube with pump sprayer and is 0.5fl oz.

This excellent promotional item conveniently fits to any pocket, purse or bag. Your customers would really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It is excellent for companies specializing in home and housewares, which can be given away as tradeshow gifts and promotional product on conventions or as sales incentives. You can even give it out to your employees as gifts.

There is nothing more unique in telling your stories across than having a hand sanitizer gel pocket pump do it for you! Click here for details.

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