Infuse Life Into Your Brand With These Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

promotional sports bottle fruit infuser basket

25 oz. sports bottle with fruit infuser basket – custom printed with you logo. Priced from $4.00 – $4.86

The 25 oz. Arapahoe High Gloss Sports Bottle is a great corporate gift for your employees. Your next corporate outing will be the perfect place to show off your logo branded on these 25 oz water bottles. The Arapahoe High Gloss Sports Bottle also includes a fruit infuser basket, perfect for adding lemon, strawberry or any other fruit flavor into your drink. Your employees will love it! This custom printed sports bottle is a great corporate gift.

You can choose a variety of colors for the Arapahoe Bottle. Whether its a company color that matches the logo, or you want to let your employees choose. You can choose from black, clear, red, purple, blue or green. These are sure to be a hit at your next function.

This would also be a great gift choice for current or potential clients, fitness or healthy living promotions or giveaways. This bottle can help your company promote a healthy living campaign, fitness promotional content, or be a gift just because. These would be a wonderful promotional item to give away to fitness club members. The fruit infuser basket is perfect way to get clients or members to drink more water, which is so important in fitness and weight loss.

This beautiful bottle would also be a great gift for local sports teams, high schools, and more. There are many ways a company or organization can use this bottle to benefit themselves.

The logo is placed on the front of the bottle. However, there are other options available for customization and logo placement.

The Arapahoe High Gloss Water Bottle is a great gift option for employees, clients, sponsors, events or other corporate events where you may want your logo to appear. The recipients of this bottle will be pleased at how beautiful it is, and will be amazed with the fruit infuser basket. A great gift by all accounts.

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This Plush Bear with A Custom Logo’d Shirt Is A Charming Gift

Charming Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt

Plush Big Paw Bear with Custom Printed Shirt In Multiple Colors – as low as $6.50

Who doesn’t get charmed with a stuffed toy? Children and even those that are children at heart generally find stuffed toys really charming.

With the Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt, you can subtly print out your brand or logo on its shirt creatively and let the charm begin.

There are 14 different shirt colors to choose from. There is one that fits your customers’ tastes and preferences – one that will sweep them away back to childhood.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Giving out this charming promotional Plush Big Paw Bear with custom branded Shirt is a creative way of promoting your brand while giving people something to cuddle.

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Who said stuffed toys are just for kids? This cute and cuddly bear can get your message across in ways that don’t seem to follow the hard fast rules of marketing. No – it’s far from that actually.

You can look for creative ways to print or perhaps embroider your brand to the shirt and as you give it out wholeheartedly – you are also giving out a piece of information to customers that they won’t likely forget, regardless of what industry you belong to.

The 8-inch teddy bear plush toy with custom printed shirt could be the next best thing that you can give away.

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Custom Branded Paper Mate Zany Gel Pens | Perfect Promotional Giveaway


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Don’t break the bank with your promotional marketing budget! You can still select a promotional giveaway that reflects the quality of your company without purchasing expensive business gifts.

Custom logo printed pens with gel ink are relatively inexpensive promotional products that are extremely effective in terms of marketing your brand. Clients love the smooth writing style of the Paper Mate Zany Gel Pen. The unique grip combined with the gel ink makes it a writing utensil that clients will reach for again and again.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

To maximize branding, choose from one of four barrel colors with multi-color imprints available for your logo and company name. The more creative your custom logo printed pens with gel ink, the higher your return on investment when you start handing them out to clients!

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Ways to use custom branded gel pens to market your company:

  • Place at the reception desk of your office.
  • Supply the pens used at a conference or meeting.
  • Give away to clients during trade shows.
  • Include in business gifts and direct mail campaigns.
  • Leave pens with clients after visiting their office.

To get started promoting your brand with custom logo printed pens with gel ink, contact us for more information and a free sample.