Give The Gift of Warmth With These Custom Embroidered Fleece Blankets

embroidered fleece blankets

Custom Embroidered Polar Fleece Blanket – as low as $9.95 each.

The winter isn’t complete unless you have a nice warm, soft fleece to wrap up in. You can choose a fleece blanket in white, black, gold, pink, navy red or royal blue.

The best part is that you can have your fleece personalized with your name or a company logo. This embroidered polar fleece blanket is something everyone can enjoy and works very well as a gift to a special someone, or a way for a company to reward its employees or clients. Giving someone a customized blanket means that they won’t have to worry about their blanket getting mixed up with someone else’s. It also works well as a promotional item to help you advertise your social media presence.

These fleece blankets are perfect for picnics, camping, outdoor events and sporting events. There is nothing worse than going camping or being at an event in the cold and not having something to keep you warm. Since they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they can safely be washed.

Just about everyone loves receiving a personalized gift like this one. Being made from fleece, these blankets are very comfortable to use in so many different situations. You can purchase one for each member of the family so that everyone can have their own.

If you travel a lot you will be thrilled to know that these fleece blankets can be rolled up for easy transport and can come with optional carrying straps.  Whether you are driving or flying, this fleece blanket will be easy to take with you so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of it away from home. You can wrap yourself in the blanket while you are sitting on an air conditioned plane. When you send someone on company travel you will know this fleece will keep them warm and comfortable.

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Watch Your True Marketing Potential Amassing with this Trek Duffel Bag

Custom Branded Trek Duffel Bag

Custom Branded Trek Duffel Bag

This custom Trek Duffel Bag, when imprinted with your logo or brand name, can amass your true marketing potential. It can become your most powerful promotional duffel bag – the best way to get your business message across.

This custom duffel bag has multiple color choices with low pricing – you’ll love it at first glance.

This inexpensive duffel bag can be included as sales incentives or given employee gift or as tradeshow giveaway. It is custom printed and branded with your own business message – any way you want it.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

It features the zippered main compartment and a zippered front pocket. It also has a supportive bottom feet and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The custom printed duffel bag is a perfect promotional item for those in the sporting or gym industry – not to mention those that encourage outdoor life.

Giving away this practical but fashionable bag with your logo in it is the best way to advertise. It can even turn heads on your direction or wherever the bag is seen.

Make sure that each customer or employee you have is seen with this bag by giving it out as sales incentives and employee gifts. Through this, your company will get the attention it deserves.

There are multiple options available, which make sure you’ll find a creative and attractive promotional duffel bag your customers will love.

For sheer practicality purposes, nothing really beats the Trek Duffel Bag. Click here for product details.

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Be Phenomenal with Customized Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Pocket Pump

Custom Printed Instant Hand Sanitizer

Custom Printed Instant Hand Sanitizer

Would you like to stand out and become phenomenal on your next promotional product? As a tradeshow giveaway, this customized instant hand sanitizer gel pocket pump would be perfect for you.

This custom logo branded sanitizer is USA produced and labeled in full compliance with the regulations provided for by the FDA. The blue mist product has the Patented Twist-Lock Top ™, which offers easy and convenient one-hand use and a great way to prevent leaks.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

What’s more impressive is that you can recycle the tube!

The blue mist hand sanitizer has a capacity to kill 99.9% germs and has aloe that moisturizes the skin. The corn-derived 62% alcohol formula is friendly to the environment. It has been tested and tried as well as guaranteed free from bacteria. It has a clear tube with pump sprayer and is 0.5fl oz.

This excellent promotional item conveniently fits to any pocket, purse or bag. Your customers would really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It is excellent for companies specializing in home and housewares, which can be given away as tradeshow gifts and promotional product on conventions or as sales incentives. You can even give it out to your employees as gifts.

There is nothing more unique in telling your stories across than having a hand sanitizer gel pocket pump do it for you! Click here for details.

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Let the Customized 25 Ft. Pro Measuring Tape Speak for Your Brand

Custom Printed 25 ft. Pro Tape Measure

Custom Printed 25 ft. Pro Tape Measure

Ever wondered what your printed logo would look like on something that professionals and experts use? Superb! This is what you can get from the customized 25 ft. Pro Measuring Tape.

Let this pro yellow measuring tape with custom printed logo speak for your brand. It has a large imprint area that can clearly send your message across and offers great value for construction, real estate, home improvement and home builders.

It has a rugged construction equipped with rubber grip and had a 25”-750 cm. tape. It also features the sleek locking button and the side hold button. The metal blade is 1” wide.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

This is a great giveaway product or promotional item for home builders or construction companies. You can even give this to your employees who are assigned on the field so they can bring their measuring tapes with them.

The 25 ft. Pro Measuring Tape is a great tool for builders and even homeowners who want to have their own measuring tool for their kits.

You can print your own logo or brand name on the large imprint area and watch how this tool looks right on the hands of professionals as they go about in their industry.

Let this custom printed measuring tape speak for your brand, please click here for product details.

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Cool Way to Market Your Brand with This Suction Cup Phone Stand

Suction Cup Phone Stand with one-color custom logo

Suction Cup Phone Stand with one-color custom imprint – as low as $.77 each

Embracing the digital era has never been cooler than using tech gadgets available today. And, what better way to market your brand to tech savvy customers than giving away a cool Suction Cup Phone Stand that they can’t resist?

This custom printed phone stand can attach to any tech gadget such as phones, tablet and mp3 player for easy, convenient and hands-free display.

The promotional branded phone kick stand is available in bright cool colors including, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. The product includes one-color imprint on one side for your logo or brand name.

We customize unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

This is an excellent product giveaway or a promotional item for tech gadgets companies. You can even give this custom printed phone stand to existing or potential customers in trade shows or product fair. It can even be used in event promotions as well as sales incentives.

The design is just perfect for minimalists and those who loves beauty in simplicity. The suction technology will keep your gadgets in place for hands-free display.

Whether it’s for show or for function, this Suction Cup Phone Stand is one of the coolest ways to market your brand. It speaks of personality and style like no other. Please click here for the product details.

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Your Logo will become a Keepsake with Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins – as low as $5.20

Fancy becoming a keepsake in someone else’s pocket and have a lifetime of free advertising? Then, these Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins would definitely do the trick.

Since time immemorial, die struck coins have been used as a reward as a token of honor, encouragement and pride. What better way to reward your employees with this die struck custom molded metal coins?

As employee gifts, you are using it to reward individuals for a job well done. When used like this, you are acknowledging their professional accomplishments.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

These custom branded logo brass coins feature a traditional symbol and is perfect as a lifetime keepsake. You can choose either one or two-sided coin with its custom shape, manufactured in brass base material.

You can also go for an optional soft enamel or resin enamel color fill. The Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins come in highly perceived value and are excellent as keepsakes for group members, employees, academic institutes, non-profit organizations, and clubs and even in military units.

These custom designed challenge coins are perfect as branded business gifts and are great for any occasion. In fact, your employees or even customers can bring this timeless piece in their pockets. In return, you’ll get a lifetime worth of advertisement and marketing. How is that for a piece of challenge coin?

If you want a unique form of marketing, your logo will become someone’s keepsake through this Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins. Please click here for more information.

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Microfiber Cloth – 5” x 5” | Creative Way to Promote Your Brand


Custom full color printed Microfiber Cloth

Full color printed microfiber cleaning cloth 5 x 5 – from $.44 – $1.21


In a digital era, it is not surprising to see almost everyone having touch screen devices like smartphones or iPads. Having a custom printed Microfiber Cloth with dimension of 5” x 5” would just be great!

What’s great about this full color process printed cleaning cloth is that it is not only perfect for cleaning iPhones, iPads, iPods, PDAs and Touch Screen Phones but also excellent in cleaning eye glasses, sun glasses, cameras and a whole lot more!

The custom printed large microfiber cleaning cloth can become your next event promotions as employee gifts, customer incentives or promotional products.

Its material will always start as white, which can be full color imprinted with your brand name or logo. The product includes a 4-color process imprint on one side with free setup charge. Each cloth is available with its clear polybag for convenience.

You can pick from the two finishing edge options namely – Flower Cut or Zigzag Cut.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

Among the creative ways to promote your brand, this Microfiber Cloth – 5” x 5” is probably one of the best promotional items for phone manufacturers or mobile devices. It is even great for ophthalmology clinics.

When you launch your next product, this microfiber cleaning cloth is an excellent promotional item you can include with the product.

If you want to know what one of the best product giveaways is, this microfiber cleaning cloth should do the trick. Please click here for more details.

Get Customized Playing Cards with A Custom Branded Box For Your Brand

Great Giveaway with Custom Playing Cards

Great Giveaway with Custom Playing Cards

Have you ever wondered whether you can have fun while promoting your brand? Well, here’s custom playing cards with custom tuck-box that you can consider for your next fun promotional giveaway.

This custom deck playing cards feature strong rigidity with excellent shuffle and snap. These cards are perfect for any occasion – may it be in tradeshows, conventions or your simple company party.

These custom branded playing cards are excellent as fun promotional product, employee gifts, holiday business gifts or event promotions. They are even great as gifts to various events from small gatherings to large sporting events.

You can also include them in mailers, additional perk for liquor bottles and just perfect as customer incentive.

The promotional playing cards also feature custom printed logo. They are printed on three-ply and blue-center stock. They are available in smooth finish and plastic coating. You can choose from the standard array of faces options or you can be creative so you can customize your own playing card akin to your brand.

These truly unique custom playing cards with custom tuck-box are best for companies wanting to stand out and deviate from the common promotional items in the industry. Advertise, promote, tell your story – whatever it is you can do it while having fun. Do it with this custom playing cards!

If you want to deviate from the traditional advertising and marketing effort, consider getting these custom branded playing cards.

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Customized 3/4” Dye Sublimation Neck Lanyard | Easy Brand Promotion

Customized Neck Lanyard as Tradeshow Giveaway

Customized Neck Lanyard as Tradeshow Giveaway

Want to see your brand name or logo on the neck of all your employees and everyone else in the trade show and convention? Then, nothing beats this 3/4” Dye Sublimation Neck Lanyard.

This custom printed lanyards are available for full color printing and is manufactured from Polyester. The custom printed lanyards for tradeshows and conventions are extremely useful and convenient for easy brand promotion.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

The promotional item includes the standard attachments like Metal Bulldog Clip, Metal Key Ring, Metal J-Hook, Metal Lobster Claw and Plastic Cellphone Loop. It can be customized further by adding optional attachments such as safety breakaway or plastic snap buckle or premium attachments like Metal Oval Hook, Metal No Swivel Hook, Plastic Bulldog Clip and Plastic J-Hook.

This 3/4” Dye Sublimation Neck Lanyard is great in hanging your IDs, Cellphones and other clip-on accessories – excellent as your next tradeshow giveaway.

Place your logo and brand name in full colors where it can be easily seen. You can customize this tradeshow and convention item with its interesting attachments. Do whatever you want – just don’t forget to have it printed with your brand or logo name otherwise this would defeat its purpose – brand promotion.

Do you want to make it easier for people to see your logo or brand name during conventions or tradeshows? Get the 3/4” Dye Sublimation Neck Lanyard as your promotional item!

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