Tequila Brand Uses Old-Fashioned Mason Jars In Promotion

custom printed mason jars

Glass Mason Jar , 16 oz. with Custom Imprint

Check out these mason jars we recently produced for a Cuervo promotion.

Mason jars are back in trend and people are using them for all sorts of beverages…from lemonade and juice to cocktails…and even beer!  You see these old-fashioned style jars being used as drink containers in restaurants and bars as well as in the home.

Custom printed mason jars are available in glass or BPA free Tritan…with or without handles.  And some even come with colored lids and straws.  Click here to view a variety of styles and options, all of which can be printed with custom graphics.

Infuse Life Into Your Brand With These Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

promotional sports bottle fruit infuser basket

25 oz. sports bottle with fruit infuser basket – custom printed with you logo. Priced from $4.00 – $4.86

The 25 oz. Arapahoe High Gloss Sports Bottle is a great corporate gift for your employees. Your next corporate outing will be the perfect place to show off your logo branded on these 25 oz water bottles. The Arapahoe High Gloss Sports Bottle also includes a fruit infuser basket, perfect for adding lemon, strawberry or any other fruit flavor into your drink. Your employees will love it! This custom printed sports bottle is a great corporate gift.

You can choose a variety of colors for the Arapahoe Bottle. Whether its a company color that matches the logo, or you want to let your employees choose. You can choose from black, clear, red, purple, blue or green. These are sure to be a hit at your next function.

This would also be a great gift choice for current or potential clients, fitness or healthy living promotions or giveaways. This bottle can help your company promote a healthy living campaign, fitness promotional content, or be a gift just because. These would be a wonderful promotional item to give away to fitness club members. The fruit infuser basket is perfect way to get clients or members to drink more water, which is so important in fitness and weight loss.

This beautiful bottle would also be a great gift for local sports teams, high schools, and more. There are many ways a company or organization can use this bottle to benefit themselves.

The logo is placed on the front of the bottle. However, there are other options available for customization and logo placement.

The Arapahoe High Gloss Water Bottle is a great gift option for employees, clients, sponsors, events or other corporate events where you may want your logo to appear. The recipients of this bottle will be pleased at how beautiful it is, and will be amazed with the fruit infuser basket. A great gift by all accounts.

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Metal Foosball Desk Set | Perfect for Soccer and Sports Lovers

Get in the game with a Metal Foosball Desk Set.

Custom Printed Mini Foosball Desk Set – as low as $14.90

A Metal Foosball Desk Set is the perfect executive gift for sports-minded individuals who appreciate competition.

This desktop foosball game is also ideal for international clients because chances are they follow the sport closely. No sport has quite the following that soccer has developed on the world stage.

With the World Cup approaching in 2014, the world is about to fall in love with soccer all over again. To capitalize on this summer’s events, give the very appropriate executive gift of a custom printed mini foosball game.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Choose from one of the standard colors in stock (black, white, blue, red, yellow, gold & silver) and an imprinting color to show off your company’s colors. The logo will be prominently displayed on either side of the goal line.

When your clients score while playing the desktop foosball game, it’s also a score for your business. They’ll know that doing business with your company puts them in a position to achieve their goals — both in soccer and in business!

Contact us today for more information about how executive gifts can impact your business and to request a sample of this custom printed mini foosball game.

Draw In Your Clients With a Creative Gift for Kids | Retro Magic Slate

Draw in your clients creatively with the Magic Slate

Custom printed Magic Slate – as low as $.89

Kids of all ages, as well as adults, will enjoy endless hours of sketching on the Magic Slate. This custom printed write on wipe off board is the perfect promotional gift for retail outlets and businesses providing entertainment and more for kids.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

When you are deciding on which giveaways to provide for your event, don’t overlook the value of promotional kids products. Though parents ultimately spend the money with your business, it’s their kids that you must keep satisfied.

A custom printed write on wipe board gives children the opportunity to be creative while your brand is reinforced every time they pick up the retro Magic Slate. Parents will also appreciate your company for providing a giveaway that doesn’t make a mess when used at home.

Your logo is prominently displayed around the edges of the Magic Slate. You can even add multiple logos if you would like to share the marketing opportunity with business partners. In terms of promotional products for kids, this is a great opportunity for joint marketing efforts.

For more information about how a custom printed retro Magic Slate is a giveaway that has that WOW factor for kids, contact us today and request a sample.

Let Clients Tee Off In Style | Custom Embroidered Microfiber Golf Jacket

Let clients tee off wearing a branded golf jacket.

Hampton Microfiber Golf jacket with custom embroidered logo.

When your clients tee off on the golf course, make sure they are wearing your company’s custom embroidered logo golf jacket. Not only does it make for an excellent client gift, it also provides residual marketing results every time your client wears it.

The Hampton Microfiber Golf Jacket features a water repellent finish that is great for the golf course as well as rainy days. With a full-zip front and on-seam pockets, this branded golf jacket will impress your clients with the quality and durability.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Planning a golf outing with business associates or sponsoring a golf event? Consider giving away custom golf apparel to the winners or to those who participated in your company event.

Don’t forget that a branded golf jacket makes the perfect product to sell for a fundraising event to benefit your favorite charity! Corporate responsibility is an important part of running a successful business, and what better way to do that than by taking advantage of a marketing opportunity.

To learn more about how custom golf apparel can be used as an effective marketing tool, contact us today and receive a sample of the Hampton Microfiber Golf Jacket.

Don’t Just Play Golf With Your Clients | Wilson Ultra Golf Balls


Giving away custom printed golf balls is a hole in one for your business! Take the classic business opportunity of playing golf one step further when you supply logo golf balls for your clients to play with.

Next time you hit the golf course with your business colleagues, do them the favor of bringing the Wilson Ultra Golf Balls. You’ll be doing your brand a favor as well as you play with a dozen custom promotional golf balls.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Your clients will appreciate receiving custom printed golf balls as a business gift or as a tradeshow giveaway. For the avid golfer, you can never have enough golf balls to hit around. Wilson Ultra Golf Balls are also the perfect complement to any golf outing event.

Just because you are buying cheap printed golf balls, doesn’t mean that the quality was sacrificed in the manufacturing. These logo golf balls are made by Wilson so that your clients will know they’ve received a quality promotional product.

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When you purchase Wilson Ultra Golf Balls to market your brand, you can include your company’s logo in one position on the ball. Choose up 2 colors for the imprint from an array of color choices.

For a free sample of Wilson Ultra Golf Balls and more information about how cheap printed golf balls will drive in more business, contact us today.

Freshen Your Brand and Your Client’s Breath with GUMvelopes

Freshen your brand with GUMvelopes - gum in a custom printed package.

Freshen your brand with GUMvelopes – gum in a custom printed package.

When it comes to choosing the right tradeshow giveaway, promotional gum offers your company the ability to refresh your brand as you freshen your client’s breath. Watch as your clients bring out your custom branded gum packets throughout the day to refresh themselves before making a first impression.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

GUMvelopes include a 12-pack of sugar free pepper mint gum with your logo printed on the custom branded gum packet. Options for printing are full color or 1 color direct imprint.

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In addition to tradeshows, GUMVelopes make excellent employee and client gifts because of the residual marketing effects. Every time your employee or client pulls out gum in a custom printed package, your marketing will be at work.

GUMvelopes are the perfect all-purpose promotional product because gum will forever be a favorite among adults and children alike. No matter what your marketing goals, promotional gum can help get you there.

For a free sample of GUMvelopes and more information about what gum in a custom printed package can do for your brand, contact us today to get started.

Win Over Your Client’s Children | Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons

Draw in your clients with Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons

Custom branded Economy 3 Pack of Crayons – as low as $.37

If you want to portray a family image with your branded promotional products, then don’t just focus on your adult client’s, focus on their children as well. Catering to your client’s children lets them know that you value the whole family, not simply the payments received.

Children of all ages love crayons and your company can deliver inspiration with branded crayons for kids. The Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons are the perfect option for printed logo promotional crayons that will surely leave a smile on every child’s face.

To see more branded crayons for kids, please click here for similar products.

This mini pack crayons with custom logo on box comes with three colors inside: red, blue and yellow. The packaging is environmental and economical to show your clients that you are committed to providing high quality services at low costs.

Plus, the generic packaging allows you to maximize the space on the box to highlight your branded logo with a one or two color silkscreen print. Giving away branded crayons for kids is a great promotion for restaurants, utility companies, recycling/waste management companies and more.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Contact us today to get your free sample of Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons and discover more about what printed logo promotional crayons can do to enhance your brand and customer loyalty.

Give Clients Something To Write About | Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen

See what the Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen looks like with your logo!

See what the Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen looks like with your logo!

Everyone loves a free pen, but a custom printed pen with stylus for tablets and smart phones takes this classic giveaway to a whole new level. The Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen has the capability to write on paper or on a digital surface. The soft touch stylus is safe to use with iPads, iPhones, Android phones and all types of mobile devices with a touch screen.

Clients will appreciate this innovative gift, as nearly all of your business colleagues and prospective clients are using mobile devices. Instead of having to carry two writing utensils around, the Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen combines both functionality into one useful product. The easy twist action makes it easy to switch from stylus to pen.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

The Ocean Stylus with Twist Pen has developed a strong reputation for being one of the best promotional pens under $2.00. You can customize the pen with stylus to feature the colors of your business, the name of your company, your logo and whatever your marketing team can imagine! Choose from brightly colored options that best suit your brand including black, red, green and blue.

For a free sample of this custom printed pen with stylus for tablets and smart phones and more information about how to get the most out of your promotional products, contact us today.