Rustic Style Mugs with Logo Etching to Promote the Business

Shabby chic and rustic designs continue to be a big trend. Get on board with the homey and warm feeling of rustic-themed items by integrating it to your custom business gifts. Mugs are classic promotional products that are perfect for almost any event — be it a trade show, company party, an open house, or awareness campaign.

etch logo on rustic style mugs -
16 oz. Moonstone Kettle Mug – Saturn Design – etch your logo


The Moonstone Kettle Mugs come in a variety of designs inspired by some of the planets. The image above is the Saturn Mug with a beautiful gradient of colors that represent the icy parts of Saturn as well as the teal and brown landscapes.

Real estate companies can definitely use these as tokens for new clients or add it to their set of promotional products during open houses. Cafes can also add these gorgeous mugs to their set of service drinkware to encourage customers to take those oh so essential #coffee photos for their Instagram feed. Make sure you ask customers to use your brand’s official hashtag to maximize exposure on social media.

instagram worthy mugs for cafes to market your business
Earth Moonstone Mug. Instagram-worthy for cafes. Brand with your logo. Make customers use your hashtag.


rustic ceramic mug you can add your logo to market and promote -
Jupiter Moonstone Kettle Mug – As low as $12.14 in bulk order from


Choose from all 5 variants. Order them in mixed designs or choose a single design if you want a singular look for your custom gifts. Ready to get started with your rustic-themed customized giveaways?


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Show Some Love with Business-Appropriate Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gift-giving during Valentine’s Day in the office is a fun way to spread positive vibes. While Hallmark cards and candies are staples, you can take it a step further and choose custom gifts that combine sentimentality and function. Here are a few work-appropriate gifts you can dole out to the whole team and even to clients to celebrate the month of love.


Heart shaped stress reliever for vaentines day, promotional product -
As low as $0.81 for bulk orders at

Show the team you care by giving them something to manage stress in the office. This squeezable stress reliever is a perfectly affordable and useful Valentine’s Day swag to promote your brand or just keep everyone centered and focused. This also makes a good giveaway for clinics and hospitals.



custom candles for promotions and business gifts -
As low as $19.99 for bulk orders at

This premium business gift would make a wonderful custom gift for top tier clients or VIPs for Valentine’s Day. They could also be used as tokens for weddings, as well as posh freebies for spas and salons. It certainly sets the tone for Valentine’s Day for recipients.


promotional music splitter and mobile accessory you can customize with logo -
As low as $1.59 for bulk orders

For gifts that are more of the techie side, this music splitter would make a fabulous gift. This is a sweet way to enjoy your favorite music from a single player such as a mobile phone. It’s a gift they can keep and take anywhere and it costs under $2 dollars!


7" Desktop Digital Photo Frame business gift -
As low as $63.62 for bulk orders

If you have a bigger budget to spare for your VIPs or top clients, splurge on this customizable digital photo frame to let them display their fave memories on a mini screen. This desktop item would make a wonderful addition to their office tables or even in their homes. On top of being a Valentine’s Day gift idea, it also makes a fantastic executive gift all year round.


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Use Nostalgia to Market Your Brand in 2018

marketing your brand with nostalgia -


Nostalgia is in and marketers have been riding the wave of 80s and 90s throwback feels throughout 2017. The coming new year won’t be any different and we have new customizable gifts that will take your clients back to the simpler days. In order to complete the experience for them, why not make it a journey for them? 

Here’s a marketing idea that banks on nostalgia.

At the start of the year, send them a toy to wish them a happy and less stressful new year. This metal slinky will definitely bring back the 90s but the metallic finish makes it a chic desk toy for the office. This toy also makes a great giveaway for trade shows and employee swag.

metallic slinky toy for promotions and giveaways -
As low as $2.02 for bulk orders

When summer comes, people tend to go on vacations and be more active outdoors. Boost their happy summer mood with these back-in-fashion fanny packs! Yes, fanny packs are making a comeback in a big way ‘coz why not? They’re useful, convenient, and really come in handy when you need to be hands free. Keep it cute with a 1-color decoration that perfectly captures the spirit of your brand. It could be a logo or a cool graphic.

As low as $2.08 in bulk order

When fall comes and the smell of pies and pumpkin spice fill the air, surprise customers or your business partners with a ceramic campfire mug with a rustic and homey look that will make them remember days at camp or autumn vacations spent around a toasty campfire. Add a more premium feel by choosing to decorate the mug with a gold and platinum finish.

As low as $2,35 in bulk order

That covers 3 quarters of 2018! You’re all set to give your brand the lift it needs to continue to thrive and grow. Ready to kickstart 2018? Contact us or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest.

Get Ahead of the Marketing Game in 2018 with Tech Gifts That Promote

Tech gadgets will remain one of the top marketing giveaways for 2018, whether it’s to support a campaign or to strengthen client relationships. One of the best way to market your brand is to associate it with a customized gift with a retail look. But more importantly, your branded gift needs to add value to the daily lives of the recipients to really make a meaningful impact.

Here are value-adding and premium tech gifts to boost your marketing for the coming year.

KINNECT 4 USB Universal Charging Cables

KINNECT 4 USB Universal Charging Cables - promotional product -
As low as $10.23 in bulk order from

The Kinnect4 charger is a versatile cord that will allow you to charge several devices at once. This handy item features dual-purpose 8-pin micro USB technology and no MFI is needed. It includes the latest technology with a C-Pin, one USB, one micro USB and one 8-pin/micro USB to cater to a number of different phones or tablets, including all iPhone models. Simply plug the cable into a powered USB port or into your device. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo for maximum exposure.

Bluetooth Item Tracker

Bluetooth Item Tracker - promotional product -
As low as $25.78 in bulk order

Find new customers with this small Bluetooth item finder. Simply place this pocket sized tracker into your wallet, bag, attach to your keys or any other valuable item and always know where to find it! Using the free smartphone app you can track the item, including directions on how to find the object. If you lose your phone, simply press the button on the tracker and your phone will begin to ring to reveal its location.

5-in-1 Fonebud Essential Mini Handset

5-in-1 Fonebud Essential Mini Handset - promotional product -
As low as $83.44 in bulk order

It’s the ultimate phone accessory that makes life so much easier each time you use your phone! It’s a Bluetooth handset that can pair with up to two devices so that you don’t have to run to the next room when you hear your smartphone ringing. It’s also a 5000 mAh power bank and selfie camera remote to get those picture perfect shots. It also has a range alarm and one touch torchlight for safety and security. Clients can install the free app on their device to start using this awesome gadget.

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Promote Your Brand this Holiday with these Cozy Blankets

Blankets are practical, useful, and premium business gifts that also make wonderful holiday gifts for customers, business partners, and other VIPs. They serve as cozy, snugly canvasses for your brand’s design style, or if you want to keep it subtle, you can also opt for a small patch with your logo to remind them about your business.

These three luxe and beautifully crafted blankets are just the holiday gifts you need to keep everyone warm and toasty throughout winter.

Standard 2 Layer Fringed Throw

As low as $29.65 for bulk orders at

Whether you are commemorating a company milestone, hosting a sales meeting, holding a charity golf tournament or just looking to find that special holiday gift to recognize a supplier, customer or employee, look no further. A custom-woven throw will be valued as a beautiful decor item, as well as promote your message for years to come. 

The Classic Reversible Throw

reversible throw blanket for holiday business gift from
As low as $41.36 for bulk order at

Light and cozy, this reversible two tone throw feels like soft cashmere. The perfect companion for cool evenings. Finished with a twisted fringe each end. It’s great for traveling so you can gift it to VIPs who are constantly moving from one place to the next.

Sleeping Car Blanket

car blanket for premium executive gifts this holiday from
As low as $76.40 for bulk orders

The Sleeping Car blanket is made with an Italian Jacquard wool that captures the richness of color and design of the original. It’s a premium choice gift for executives and top tier clients.

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Marriott Fremont Hotel Delights VIP Guests with Premium Gifts

Our client needed customized gifts to present to their top tier guests and Brand Spirit was there to provide them with branded padfolios, fun fidget cubes & spinners, and sleek vacuum thermoses.

Marriott Fremont Hotel in Silicon Valley, California is one of the most popular full-service hotels in the area that’s perfectly located near many Bay Area attractions, including Napa Valley and the high-tech headquarters of Silicon Valley and Santa Clara.  

The influx of guests was expected with the new remodeled units and the holidays in full swing. And to stay with the young and hip crowd of Silicon Valley, VIP guests were treated to a set of trendy branded gifts to make them feel even more special while staying in their suites.

Two of the most exciting and hot custom gifts on the list were the fidget cubes and spinners that jives with the “always in the scene” guests.

To stay on-brand, Marriott Fremont chose the shade of red that was closest to their colors.


Of course, every fancy international hotel is always ready with notepads for their guests. The client chose a beautiful non-woven curve padfolio in black and red to keep true to the brand colors. The folio has a convenient sleeve for loose notes, cards, and other documents.

Other custom gifts the client has also ordered in the past are USB Pens and vacuum thermoses that were also presented to guests and VIPs. As you can see, they have maintained the clean and simple style of their gifts even from way back.


Guests were delightfully surprised and showed much appreciation for the premium gifts they received.

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