Get A Branded Gift That Really Rocks With RoxBox Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker With Custom Printed Logo – as low as $54.99. Click for info.

 Music and swimming just go hand in hand. Music is always related to a good time, and people just love to have music to swim to. Whether its working out in the pool, or lounging on a float, music is usually around. With this RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, no longer do they need to worry about their phones getting water damaged.

The RoxBox waterproof speaker is a great giveaway item. Whether you give it to your employees, co-workers, customers or sell it in a gift shop, this is a great way to get peoples’ attention. This speaker is also a fabulous sales incentive for your employees.

This custom branded speaker is a sure-fire way for customers and employees to remember where they got the speaker from. Its also a talking point.

The speaker would also work well as a social media giveaway. Small customized items like this is the perfect way to get your company name out there, as well as bring more people to your social media page or website!

This water proof bluetooth speaker produces exceptional sound quality and can fit into practically any space, indoor and outdoor. It has an IPX4 water resistant rating. The speaker is powered by V3.0 EDR Bluetooth technology. You can listen at a range of 33 feet for up to 5 hours straight. This speaker has only a 2 hour recharge time. This customized speaker also features an LED light power indicator, a built in microphone with button for hands-free calling, on/off button and volume control buttons. It also comes with a suction cup so it can be placed on windshields, glass or walls. The speaker also includes a Micro/USB charging cable and port, auxiliary cable and a manual.

Not only can your customers or employees use this poolside, they can put this in their car to enjoy hands-free calling. Perfect for your traveling employees who may be talking on the phone while on the go.

The size of the speaker is 3 3/8 inches high, 3 3/8 inches wide and 1 ¾ inches in diameter. It weighs only .65 pounds. The speaker comes in white, orange or blue and comes in a branded gift box. The imprint size is ¼ inches high by ¾ inches wide.

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Give the Gift Of Style and Promote Your Business With These Rustic Binders

rustic leather binder branded logo

Rustic Leather Binder with Saddle Stitching – customize with a logo – as low as $47.33.

Businesspeople love carrying stylish accessories. Style translates into a visual symbol of success. Along this mindset, all of your business associates are likely to appreciate  this promotional rustic leather binder. Give it as a gift and help your own business as well, since these binders can be branded with your unique logo. The logo embossed on leather makes this customized binder look even more sophisticated, and the expensive appeal enhances your logo’s presence as well.

debossed logo

You have the option to deboss your logo (as shown here) onto these binders for a subtle statement.

This promotional binder exudes quality and an air of elegance, making it the kind of product that can a business person can stand behind. More importantly, if your company uses a quality product to promote its logo, your associates and tentative customers will recognize that your business itself represents quality. Whether you sell products or services, the choice to use these rustic binders to market them will translate as good judgment, making doing business with you a desirable.

laser engraved logo

Choose the optional laser engraving for a clean branding.

The construction and durability of these rustic leather binders are factors that truly speak to their quality. The 1.5 inch spine as well as both of the hard covers are expertly adorned with real leather. The hand-sewn, saddle-stitched detail is evident throughout the structured body of the binder. These binders can be ordered in  one of five different leather tones: black, dark brown, burgundy, buckskin and saddle. The ring studs are sturdy yet they maintain a low profile to enhance the compact appearance of the binders.

medallian logo on leather binder

Adding an optional medallion logo will take your branding to the next level.

Order these customized binders with your logo embossed, laser engraved or in medallion form on the leather and watch your customer base expand over time. Since these custom-embossed binders can be easily stowed in suitcases and even large handbags, bring them along on your next business trip and let the logo and quality of the product speak for itself. These binders can be purchased in bulk today.

This Customized Executive Planner Is A Handsome Business Gift

padded executive planner custom logo branded

Padded Executive Tabbed 12-Month Planner – custom branded – priced from $10.98 – $13.79

This executive 12 month planner is a great gift to any employee in your organization. Whether you give it to a new partner, a new executive to the company or as a bonus to some of your hardest working employees, anyone would love to receive this. The planner also works as a great business gift for business partners or investors.

The planner has a premium soft feel to the expanded vinyl, padded front, interior pocket and a business card pocket. It also has a 12 month tabbed planner with week-at-a-glance, montly travel and expense records, income tracker, financial data sheets, road mileage, perpetual calendar, time zone map and more. This is the perfect gift for any executive in your company.

The executive 12 month planner would be the perfect business gift for anyone in your company who travels, whether on long distance trips, or locally from offices or other locations. This planner will give the necessary tools to keep track of mileage and other expenses in one cohesvise location. All while looking very professional, and your company name/logo on the front cover. Your employee would be sure to enjoy this gift, and will feel appreciated.

The planner is 7 5/8 inches wide by 9 inches closed. It weighs approximately 1.20 pounds. These are made locally in the United States and come in black, burgandy, green or navy blue. The imprint is a foil stamp that is 2 x 3 inches in size. The imprint area is in the front lower right corner. You (or the employee) can choose to buy refills for the planner and address book as needed. You can personalize the corners with gold, silver or black for an additional cost. This can also come in a two piece gift box for an additional cost.

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Add Your Logo To The Saint Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

promotional logo stainless steel tumbler business gift

The Saint 16 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler with custom printed logo – as low as $4.18 each.

The Saint Tumbler is a drinkware that is perfect for people who are always on the go. This stainless steel travel mug can be custom printed with your company logo, making it a perfect employee gift or a terrific way to promote your company at a low cost. As a BPA free item, this travel cup is safe to drink from and holds up to 16 oz.

The plastic lining of the tumbler keeps drinks tasting fresh no matter how long they are in there. There is a colored accent band on each tumbler and your color choices are black, blue, green or red.

Easy to use and maintain, this product is highly recommended because its stainless steel means that it will last a long time if it is taken care of properly. The lids are easy to remove but stay on the tumbler tight enough so that leakage should not be a problem. This is a great product for athletes, people who travel a lot and busy parents. Drinks consumed in the Saint Tumbler will not have the quality or flavor of the taste affected by being in stainless steel.

It is not recommended that these tumblers be put in the microwave or the dishwasher. When they are washed dishwashing soap must be used and the cleaning process must be done by hand. It is advisable to avoid using harsh cleansers or bleach on the Saint Tumbler, as it can damage the item.

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Your Logo will become a Keepsake with Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins – as low as $5.20

Fancy becoming a keepsake in someone else’s pocket and have a lifetime of free advertising? Then, these Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins would definitely do the trick.

Since time immemorial, die struck coins have been used as a reward as a token of honor, encouragement and pride. What better way to reward your employees with this die struck custom molded metal coins?

As employee gifts, you are using it to reward individuals for a job well done. When used like this, you are acknowledging their professional accomplishments.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

These custom branded logo brass coins feature a traditional symbol and is perfect as a lifetime keepsake. You can choose either one or two-sided coin with its custom shape, manufactured in brass base material.

You can also go for an optional soft enamel or resin enamel color fill. The Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins come in highly perceived value and are excellent as keepsakes for group members, employees, academic institutes, non-profit organizations, and clubs and even in military units.

These custom designed challenge coins are perfect as branded business gifts and are great for any occasion. In fact, your employees or even customers can bring this timeless piece in their pockets. In return, you’ll get a lifetime worth of advertisement and marketing. How is that for a piece of challenge coin?

If you want a unique form of marketing, your logo will become someone’s keepsake through this Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins. Please click here for more information.

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