REELZChannel Gives Party-goers An Unfortgettable Experience

Octoberfest image low res 3What do you get when you mix an Octoberfest-themed party with the upfronts in April?  You get raving reviews from party-goers and SWAG that disappears off tables faster than it can be replenished.Octoberfest image low res Creating a unique and memorable party gift was top priority for this project for REELZChannel, an independent television channel with original shows such as Hollywood Hillbillies, Beverly Hills Pawn, and Hollywood Scandals.  

Since the party was Octoberfest themed, a ceramic German-style beer stein was chosen as the party gift for those who attended. In order to ensure that the clients’ artwork really “popped,” ceramic decals were used which were then high-fired onto ceramic beer steins. This process fuses the ceramic decal onto the mug so that it seamlessly integrates with the mug itself.Octoberfest image low res 2Nice packaging can really take a gift to the next level.  So we created custom-printed gift boxes filled with orange crinkle cut filling to hold each ceramic beer mug. These gift boxes were then placed into branded gift bags for easy transport home after the party.

Octoberfest drawers low res

Orange box filling makes a great office prank!

In the end, mission accomplished!  The gifts receive raving reviews and our client was thrilled with the results.

After getting the gifts back home, some people even found additional creative uses for the crinkle filling such as this hilarious office prank.  Now where are those files?

Custom Shaped PVC Ear Buds Will Highlight Your Mascot Or Logo

custom shaped ear buds

Custom Shaped PVC Ear Buds – click for info

Do you have a company logo or mascot that you are looking to promote in a high visibility manner?  These custom shaped PVC earbuds offer the ideal opportunity for companies, universities and other organizations to bring attention to their brand.

Who doesn’t have a music player these days? Whether it be an Device, another smart phone, or even an old-fashioned CD player, most people seem to have them. Following this reasoning, everyone needs earbuds. Why not spread the word about your services by giving your prospective clients what they can really use: a pair of custom-shaped earbuds.

Using these branded ear buds to enhance your marketing campaign will truly make your business stand out. You cannot get a product more customizable than these earbuds. Made of PVC rubber, these ear buds can literally be shaped into the logo, mascot, or symbol of your choosing.

If your target market is mostly young people, these completely customized ear phones will resound with your audience instantly. The same can be said if your target market is technologically-conscious consumers. People who travel a lot, work via a computer, or are just very fond of portable entertainment value ear buds more so than the average person.

The good news for your business is that the majority of people, even if they are not young, treasure their portable entertainment. Consumers go through ear buds quickly, so your recipients will likely welcome a new pair, and they will be reminded of your services whenever they use them. Considering that earbuds are used several times a day on average, your recipients will be reminded of your company and its products often enough.

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Light Up Your Promotions With The Light Up Lightning Cord For iPhone 5

iPhone 5 lighning light up cable promotinal logo

Light Up Lightning Cable For iPhone 5 (custom printed) – as low as $12.85

When it comes to branded business gifts, currently one of the hottest categories is mobile phone accessories.  If you are looking for a promotional product that folks will clamor for at your next trade show or event, this light up iPhone 5 Lightning charging cord will certainly do the trick.

It functions as a normal charge and sync cable.  But watch your clients and prospects geek when the cable lights up to show that the phone is being charged.  Light flows through the cord and stops after it is fully charged.

Watch Video Below To See It In Action

light up lighting cord

Choose from  three different cable light colors:  Blue (PMS Relflex Blue), Green (PMS 348) and Purple.  The cable itself comes standard in white but can also be ordered in black for a minimum order of 500 units.

The imprint area is .5″  x .2″ on the connector or 1.2″ x .3″ on the top of the adapter.  Your logo can be imprinted in your company PMS colors or even in full color process.

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Customize Pocket Farkel Dice Game For A Promotional Gift With Tons Of Fun

custom pocket farkel dice game

Custom Printed Pocket Farkel Dice Game – as low as $4.54 – click for info

The original game of Farkel was introduced in 1996 and since then has become a hit with a wide audience ranging from ages 8 to 108.

Now businesses can customize the compact Pocket Farkel® dice game with their full-color custom graphics printed directly onto the Farkel case.  The white dice can even be printed in full color as well!  There are other dice colors available such as red, green, blue or purple.  However, only the white dice have the option for a full color custom imprint.

To play the game, the dice are rolled, adding up points to be the first to reach 10,000 points.  To win the game, players need a combination of luck and strategy.

The possibilities are really endless with this super-fun promotional Farkel dice game.  They can be given as party favors at corporate meetings and events, gift bag items, trade show giveaways, fundraiser items, gift with purchase, premiums, incentives and more.

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The Audio Star Bluetooth Speaker Brings Music To Your Client’s Ears

custom printed bluetooth wireless speaker

AudioStar™ A25 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Custom Printed) – as low as $21.45

This premium custom printed bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone who loves to listen to music.

The AudioStar A25 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is bluetooth enabled. It has a lively full sound and a rechargeable battery that has up to 4 hours of play time. This speaker comes with a storage pouch for easy travel.

This custom branded bluetooth speaker is a great promotional gift or business gift for employees, customers or social media followers. With your brands’ logo printed right on the speaker, no one will forget where they got this speaker from. These days, everything needs to be wireless, this speaker is no exception. Its the perfect party starter – whether in office or at home. These are also a good incentive idea to give these to the employees when they reach certain productivity levels.

The size of the speaker is 1 5/8 inches by 1 5/8 inches by 2 1/8 inches. The imprint area is 1 inch by 1 3/8 inches on the side, and ¾ inches wide by ¼ inches high on top.

The speakers can come in a variety of fun colors; black, blue, orange, green, pink and white. Colors that will please everyone. There are multiple colors for the imprint available; black, brown, green, dark green,light blue, maroon, metallic gold, metallic silver, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, teal, violet, white and yellow.

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Get A Branded Gift That Really Rocks With RoxBox Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker With Custom Printed Logo – as low as $54.99. Click for info.

 Music and swimming just go hand in hand. Music is always related to a good time, and people just love to have music to swim to. Whether its working out in the pool, or lounging on a float, music is usually around. With this RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, no longer do they need to worry about their phones getting water damaged.

The RoxBox waterproof speaker is a great giveaway item. Whether you give it to your employees, co-workers, customers or sell it in a gift shop, this is a great way to get peoples’ attention. This speaker is also a fabulous sales incentive for your employees.

This custom branded speaker is a sure-fire way for customers and employees to remember where they got the speaker from. Its also a talking point.

The speaker would also work well as a social media giveaway. Small customized items like this is the perfect way to get your company name out there, as well as bring more people to your social media page or website!

This water proof bluetooth speaker produces exceptional sound quality and can fit into practically any space, indoor and outdoor. It has an IPX4 water resistant rating. The speaker is powered by V3.0 EDR Bluetooth technology. You can listen at a range of 33 feet for up to 5 hours straight. This speaker has only a 2 hour recharge time. This customized speaker also features an LED light power indicator, a built in microphone with button for hands-free calling, on/off button and volume control buttons. It also comes with a suction cup so it can be placed on windshields, glass or walls. The speaker also includes a Micro/USB charging cable and port, auxiliary cable and a manual.

Not only can your customers or employees use this poolside, they can put this in their car to enjoy hands-free calling. Perfect for your traveling employees who may be talking on the phone while on the go.

The size of the speaker is 3 3/8 inches high, 3 3/8 inches wide and 1 ¾ inches in diameter. It weighs only .65 pounds. The speaker comes in white, orange or blue and comes in a branded gift box. The imprint size is ¼ inches high by ¾ inches wide.

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Custom Print Your Logo On This Video Chat Camera With Microphone

logo printed computer video camera

Video Chat Camera With Custom Printed Logo – As low as $9.55

For both business and personal reasons many people choose to own a video chat camera these days. This is generally a small video camera that can be clipped onto the top of a computer monitor in order to allow face to face interaction between two people who are not physically near each other. While this is great for maintaining personal long distance relationships the main use for these video chat cameras is business communication.

These days many companies do business all over the country or even all over the world. Doing so can become very expensive and time consuming when travel is necessary in order to facilitate meetings. Video chat cameras can alleviate this problem because people in offices all over the world can simply join in a video chat.

If your company does any overseas business obtaining these custom printed video chat cameras can help you advertise your company to those businesses. Since you can have these cameras branded in order to serve as promotional tools for your company that show off your company logo, they make a great gift or giveaway you can use as part of your marketing campaign.

To use these video chat cameras you simply need an Internet provider and chat software such as Skype or MSN or Yahoo Messengers. This will allow for ease of real time communication between your company and another party. With a built in microphone included in the cameras you will be able to clearly speak to the person you are meeting with. If you are running a live chat in a room with low lighting or no lighting the LED lights built into the video chat cameras will allow the other party to be able to see you.

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These Donut Boxes Will Brighten Up Any Office

custom printed donut boxes

Custom Printed Donut Boxes With Roof Top Design – from $1.92 – $3.65

Are you having a meeting at the office of an important client? To provide them with a custom branded reminder of your company long after you have left the meeting come armed with a customized donut box with some doughy, sugary treats in them. They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so make it a good one by showing up at your meeting with a custom printed donut box that will put you in the good graces of a new or potential client.

Useful for more than just getting into the good graces of a new client, these personalized donut boxes also make a great thank you gift for a business associate, colleague, boss or even a friend or neighbor. Not just for donuts, these boxes can also be used to deliver cookies, candies and other goodies to the recipient of your choice.

If your company is participating in some type of community event one great way to advertise is to obtain these customized donut boxes, fill them with goodies and give them out to potential customers or clients. At a community, company or industry event the attendees will likely speak with many different people about many different companies. To make yours stand out among the crowd, show up armed with these donut boxes and hand them out to the people you meet and the contacts you make. The inclusion of a delicious treat in the box you give them will help them favorably remember you and your company.

Have your company’s name or logo printed on both sides of these donut boxes and get ready to use the easiest marketing tool ever. Your customers and clients will surely be impressed with what you offer them.

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Brand Your Business Logo On These Affordable Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

custom 14 oz copper moscow mule mug

Custom Printed or Engraved Copper Moscow Mule Mug – priced from $8.63 – $11.82

With Moscow Mule drinks being all the rage these days, it seems fitting to have copper Moscow Mule cups that can be customized with your logo.  At a price point of just around $10.00, these mugs are a copper-colored aluminum, perfect for restaurants, bars, business gifts and even party favors.

Whether your logo is printed or engraved, it will be sure to make a statement on these 14 oz. Moscow Mule mugs.  These Moscow Mule cups pass FDA, prop 65  and are dishwasher safe making them a great fit for commercial environments.

Solar Powered Fan Cap Keeps Your Brand Hot While Keeping Others Cool

solar fan cap hat custom printed

Black Solar Powered Fan Hat – custom printed – priced from $14.71 – $19.54

The Solar Powered Fan Cap is a custom printed cap with solar powered fan built into the brim of the hat. This unique hat makes an interesting gift for anyone. While it is only available in black, it is still worth purchasing just for the included solar powered fan alone. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the heat either for personal or work reasons.

The best part of this cap is that you can have it personalized above either of the cap’s two solar panels. Giving someone a hat personalized with their name or the name of your company is a great way to make them feel like they matter. If your company is running an outdoor event giving each of your employees one of these solar powered fan caps is a great way to keep them cool and advertise your company at the same time. In addition, it serves as a fun promotional item that can help you advertise your social media presence.

Anyone can give someone a boring cap but giving them a solar fan cap is something they will always remember and appreciate. Those who collect them will also appreciate having this unique cap added to their collection. Since most caps are one size fits all, you can give this one to an adult or a child and it should fit on their head. This cap can be great for children to wear when they play outside on a warm day. Allowing them to quickly cool down, this cap will help them get more exercise and keep them more active.

You shouldn’t hesitate to purchase the solar fan cap if you are looking to give someone a practical gift that they will also enjoy owning and wearing.

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