Napkin Notebooks Helps Business Promote Big Ideas

spiral napkin pads with custom printed logo and branding

Customized Napkin Notebooks – as low as $2.95

Chango, a programmatic advertising platform, makes advertising more relevant to consumers, translating into better results for their happy clients.

Our client wanted to make an impression that would leave you thinking. We provided these creative napkin notebooks to feature their artwork which stated “Your Next BIG IDEA Awaits”.  Capitalizing on the nostalgic idea that all great ideas start by being jotted down on napkins at restaurants; these Napkin Notebooks (which include 10 napkins in a spiral notebook format) were the perfect trans-formative idea for this promotional campaign.

Chango’s logo and tagline were printed on each of the 10 napkins and a custom full color belly band was wrapped around each notebook.  Click here to view additional product information.

St. Regis Selects Vintage Leather Coasters As Client Gifts

Leather Coasters 2

Customized Vintage Leather Coasters as low as $1.75 (click image for product info)

St. Regis, a luxury resort in Deer Valley, UT was in need of a branded customer gift that would be functional with a rustic appeal.  The client chose these classic vintage leather coasters and they couldn’t have been happier with the final result.

The debossed logo gives the custom branding a subtle, yet elegant look.  The contrast stitching that borders these leather coasters adds to the rustic appeal almost giving it a handmade look.  These coaster also offer an attractive price point at just $1.75 – $2.05, which includes a debossed logo.

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Customized Sounds Tubes Add Pizzazz To Direct Mail Campaign

Mercury Medical, a manufacturer of medical supplies needed to create a strong impact with a direct mail campaign.  They selected our full-color printed mailing tubes that play a custom 10-second sound when the tube is opened.

The client wanted to the first part of the recording with an announcer saying “Start your engines.” and then follow that with the sound of a car engine starting.  Custom voice over work is included at no additional cost when ordering our sound tubes.

We sent a full range of car engine stock sounds for the client to select from.  After the car engine sound was selected, we then had a voice over artist record 4 different voice over tracks.  The best voice over track was selected and the two sounds were combined to create the final sound recording.

Watch the video above to see the final result!

Click here to view our range custom sound mailing tubes options.  Sound tubes are available with and without printing.

Customize Pocket Farkel Dice Game For A Promotional Gift With Tons Of Fun

custom pocket farkel dice game

Custom Printed Pocket Farkel Dice Game – as low as $4.54 – click for info

The original game of Farkel was introduced in 1996 and since then has become a hit with a wide audience ranging from ages 8 to 108.

Now businesses can customize the compact Pocket Farkel® dice game with their full-color custom graphics printed directly onto the Farkel case.  The white dice can even be printed in full color as well!  There are other dice colors available such as red, green, blue or purple.  However, only the white dice have the option for a full color custom imprint.

To play the game, the dice are rolled, adding up points to be the first to reach 10,000 points.  To win the game, players need a combination of luck and strategy.

The possibilities are really endless with this super-fun promotional Farkel dice game.  They can be given as party favors at corporate meetings and events, gift bag items, trade show giveaways, fundraiser items, gift with purchase, premiums, incentives and more.

Click here to learn more about how to order these for your next promotion or event.

Experience Branding Magic With Retro Custom Printed Magic Slates

magic slate magnetic promotional

Magnetic Magic Slate With Custom Printed Logo – as low as $4.19

Using these retro magnetic magic slates as a promotional item for your next marketing campaign will captivate your perspective customers in a fun and creative way.

This magic slate is loads of repeatable fun for kids and adults alike as their creative juices flow.  Whatever is drawn or written on the slate can be instantly wiped clean with a single swipe on the magnetic strip.

Your logo is printed directly onto the outer case of this magnetic magic slate giving your brand plenty of marketing exposure.

You can incorporate this slate into a promotional campaign in various creative manners. Use them as a giveaway at trade shows, for instance, or institute a creative direct mail campaign in which these slates can be featured with a message. Whichever way you choose to use them, you can rest assured that your business associates and perspective clients will have a blast using them.

There is no time like the present to make these marketing campaign treasures your own.  Click here to view product ordering information.

Compressed 100% Cotton T-Shirt in Custom Shapes

compressed t-shirt custom shape

Custom Shaped Compressed T-shirt – as low as $5.48

If you are looking for a unique promotional item, look no further than compressed 100% cotton t-shirt in custom shapes. These wearable promotional items are made by taking a 100% cotton t-shirt and imprinting your business name, logo or graphic onto it. Then, the shirt is compressed into whatever shape you desire.  You can choose from a wide array of shapes including animals such as dogs or bears, clothing such as shorts or t-shirts, electronics like cell phone or tablet, food like pizza slices or hot dogs, nature such as trees or flowers, sports like footballs or softballs as well as states, letter and shapes.


T-Shirt Compressed Into Cocktail Liquor Bottle Shape

These compressed 100% cotton t-shirts in custom shapes are ideal for trade shows and event giveaways. Trade shows are a great way for you to interact with the public not only throughout the day of the show but also after the event is over. This is where your promotional products come in to play. These compressed t-shirts will be a constant reminder to people about the goods and services that your business offers.


Compressed T-shirt In Shape of Donut – Many Stock Shapes To Choose From

Compressed 100% cotton t-shirts in custom shapes are also great for welcome kits and member packets. You can include a compressed t-shirt with your company name, logo or graphic and include things like business cards, employee ID badge, welcome letter, orientation schedule, pay schedules, holiday/vacation information, and policy information.

Just think of how cool it would be to get your company name, logo or graphic out to current and potential customers as well as clients in the form of something as unique as a compressed t-shirt.  Click here for product ordering information.

Appeal To Golf Enthusiast’s With This Customizable Golf USB Flash Drive

golf usb flash drive custom printed

Custom Printed Golf USB Flash Drive – as low as $4.85

Have you ever used a piece of portable technology with fondness and pride because it symbolized something you were passionate about? If so, you can understand why this customized promotional golf USB flash drive could be the ultimate dream gift for most businessmen. Give your business associates something to show off in their office cubical’s as well as on the golf course.

Whether your business has anything to do directly with the game of golf or not, this golf-shaped USB flash drive makes a perfect promotional gift. It is a commonly known fact that most businessmen prefer playing golf as a social and professional pastime. Print your logo on this promotional flash drive and watch your business networking experience flourish as your company’s visibility grows.

These flash drives shaped like golf balls can definitely come in handy to your promotional gift recipients. You can choose from several volume amounts. Whether you  offer your gift recipients a 64 mb, 256 mb, 512 mb, 1gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, or 8GB flash drive, you will be gifting them with a powerful and compatible file storage device. This custom-printed flash drive can store music, text files and other data; what your recipients choose to store on their drive will be determined by the volume size you choose to offer. The most appealing benefit that these branded flash drives feature is that they are plug-and-play devices. This means that these golf ball-shaped USB drives can be plugged and accessed on any computer system without the necessity to install additional programs or drivers.

Bring these flash drives with you on a business trip or to a golf game and expand your brand’s visibility in an affordable and effective manner.

Purchase your promotional golf ball USB flash drives in bulk today. You never know when the opportunity will strike for you to present one to a passionate golf player and business associate.

Send Documents In Brandelopes For Valuable Branding Exposure

brandelope mini size

Brandelope Printed In Full Color With your Custom Graphics – as low as $1.94

Great marketers know should take every opportunity they can to make a brand impression.  These customizable Brandelopes offer a unique opportunity for marketing messages to reach many valueable eyeballs along the way to their final destination.

If you think about it, by utilizing the shipping envelopes provided by UPS, FedEx or USPS, those companies are getting all the exposure that your package receives while it makes it’s way into the hands of the recipient.  Chances are, your package passes by many other potential prospects within an office, not to mention the referral exposure it receives by sitting on the recipients’ desk.  So why not take control of this valuable advertising space by getting custom Brandelopes for your company?

legal size brandelope

Legal Sized Brandelope With Custom Graphics – as low as $3.09

Brandelopes come in several sizes to fit just about documents, brochures and other flat print collateral. Your custom full color graphics are printed on both sides.  All of the Brandelopes feature sealing adhesive, removable liner and tear strip.

The Standard size Brandelope is 12 1/2″ L x 10″ W which is comparable to the USPS standard Flat Rate mailing envelope or the FedEx overnight envelope.

The Corporate Brandelope is sized at 11 3/4″ L x 9″ W.

XL Brandelopes are size 13 1/2″ L x 11 3/4″ W

Legal Brandelopes are sized at 15″ L x 10 1/2″ W.

And the Mini Brandelopes are sized at 9 1/8″ L x 6 1/8″ W

Take Gift Giving To The Next Level With Custom Printed Gift Boxes


custom printed gift boxes

Custom Printed Gift Boxes – Many styles to choose from – Click for info.

Anyone can give someone a gift but giving it to them in a custom branded gift box makes it that much more customized as well as creates additional branding opportunities.

This is also a great way for any business to get their name out there and give potential clients or customers something that will keep a business fresh in their mind. You can use a promotional gift box branded with your company logo on it to hand out at local community events, use them as sales kits, media kits or send as a direct mail campaign. Custom graphics can be added to your gift box to make it even more memorable for your customers.

custom made product boxes

These gift boxes can be printed in Pantone spot colors or with your full color graphics and are available in black, silver, blue, red, green, yellow and white. You even have the option of choosing a smooth, cord or techno texture for your gift boxes.

printed gift box with insert

Each gift box is made from 100% recycled fiberboard, making them an environmentally responsible and friendly choice when it comes to personalized gift giving for virtually any situation.

Just about any kind of business can find a great way to use these personalized gift boxes to promote themselves with.

Click here to view a wide variety of customizable gift boxes perfect for promoting your brand.

Promote Your Brand With Sweet Smell of Mom’s Apple Pie

soy apple promotional candle in tin can

Round Tin Soy Candle (Baked Apple Scent) Custom Printed – as low as $3.86

There is nothing better than the sweet smell of fresh baked apple pie. Just imagine the scent of apples, butter, cinnamon and cream with the background of fresh baked crust. A promotional candle makes the ideal promotional product. With the sweet balance of scented oil as well as natural soy will provide your customers with a long lasting as well as enticing aroma.

This 4 ounce round tin candle makes a great giveaway item. Mostly everyone uses candles these days and having one imprinted with your company name and logo is a great way to keep your brand front and center on a daily basis. The candle has a green color and amazing baked apple scent. In addition, there are also other scents available with the 4 ounce round tin candles including Hawaiian paradise, mango & papaya, ocean mist, vanilla, lilac, fresh cut roses, cinnamon and lemon chiffon.

Candles also make great gift ideas for employees, customers and clients. These round tin candles are made from soy wax, which is biodegradable, clean-burning and all natural. The cotton wick is 100% lead-free.

Promotional items, such as candles, are ideal for things such as business gifts, trade shows, building traffic, employee relations, brand awareness, safety programs or product rollouts.

A custom printed candle makes a terrific promotional item for grand openings or company anniversary celebrations. Grand openings are important because it is an important time to show local folks that you fully intend to set up shop in their town and you intend to stay there. If you do not show good faith efforts to the locals, they may not have any interest in buying your products or services. Company anniversary gifts are perfect for thanking current customers for their business throughout the years.

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