Send Documents In Brandelopes For Valuable Branding Exposure

brandelope mini size

Brandelope Printed In Full Color With your Custom Graphics – as low as $1.94

Great marketers know should take every opportunity they can to make a brand impression.  These customizable Brandelopes offer a unique opportunity for marketing messages to reach many valueable eyeballs along the way to their final destination.

If you think about it, by utilizing the shipping envelopes provided by UPS, FedEx or USPS, those companies are getting all the exposure that your package receives while it makes it’s way into the hands of the recipient.  Chances are, your package passes by many other potential prospects within an office, not to mention the referral exposure it receives by sitting on the recipients’ desk.  So why not take control of this valuable advertising space by getting custom Brandelopes for your company?

legal size brandelope

Legal Sized Brandelope With Custom Graphics – as low as $3.09

Brandelopes come in several sizes to fit just about documents, brochures and other flat print collateral. Your custom full color graphics are printed on both sides.  All of the Brandelopes feature sealing adhesive, removable liner and tear strip.

The Standard size Brandelope is 12 1/2″ L x 10″ W which is comparable to the USPS standard Flat Rate mailing envelope or the FedEx overnight envelope.

The Corporate Brandelope is sized at 11 3/4″ L x 9″ W.

XL Brandelopes are size 13 1/2″ L x 11 3/4″ W

Legal Brandelopes are sized at 15″ L x 10 1/2″ W.

And the Mini Brandelopes are sized at 9 1/8″ L x 6 1/8″ W