Get A Branded Gift That Really Rocks With RoxBox Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker With Custom Printed Logo – as low as $54.99. Click for info.

 Music and swimming just go hand in hand. Music is always related to a good time, and people just love to have music to swim to. Whether its working out in the pool, or lounging on a float, music is usually around. With this RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speaker, no longer do they need to worry about their phones getting water damaged.

The RoxBox waterproof speaker is a great giveaway item. Whether you give it to your employees, co-workers, customers or sell it in a gift shop, this is a great way to get peoples’ attention. This speaker is also a fabulous sales incentive for your employees.

This custom branded speaker is a sure-fire way for customers and employees to remember where they got the speaker from. Its also a talking point.

The speaker would also work well as a social media giveaway. Small customized items like this is the perfect way to get your company name out there, as well as bring more people to your social media page or website!

This water proof bluetooth speaker produces exceptional sound quality and can fit into practically any space, indoor and outdoor. It has an IPX4 water resistant rating. The speaker is powered by V3.0 EDR Bluetooth technology. You can listen at a range of 33 feet for up to 5 hours straight. This speaker has only a 2 hour recharge time. This customized speaker also features an LED light power indicator, a built in microphone with button for hands-free calling, on/off button and volume control buttons. It also comes with a suction cup so it can be placed on windshields, glass or walls. The speaker also includes a Micro/USB charging cable and port, auxiliary cable and a manual.

Not only can your customers or employees use this poolside, they can put this in their car to enjoy hands-free calling. Perfect for your traveling employees who may be talking on the phone while on the go.

The size of the speaker is 3 3/8 inches high, 3 3/8 inches wide and 1 ¾ inches in diameter. It weighs only .65 pounds. The speaker comes in white, orange or blue and comes in a branded gift box. The imprint size is ¼ inches high by ¾ inches wide.

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