Give the Gift Of Style and Promote Your Business With These Rustic Binders

rustic leather binder branded logo

Rustic Leather Binder with Saddle Stitching – customize with a logo – as low as $47.33.

Businesspeople love carrying stylish accessories. Style translates into a visual symbol of success. Along this mindset, all of your business associates are likely to appreciate¬† this promotional rustic leather binder. Give it as a gift and help your own business as well, since these binders can be branded with your unique logo. The logo embossed on leather makes this customized binder look even more sophisticated, and the expensive appeal enhances your logo’s presence as well.

debossed logo

You have the option to deboss your logo (as shown here) onto these binders for a subtle statement.

This promotional binder exudes quality and an air of elegance, making it the kind of product that can a business person can stand behind. More importantly, if your company uses a quality product to promote its logo, your associates and tentative customers will recognize that your business itself represents quality. Whether you sell products or services, the choice to use these rustic binders to market them will translate as good judgment, making doing business with you a desirable.

laser engraved logo

Choose the optional laser engraving for a clean branding.

The construction and durability of these rustic leather binders are factors that truly speak to their quality. The 1.5 inch spine as well as both of the hard covers are expertly adorned with real leather. The hand-sewn, saddle-stitched detail is evident throughout the structured body of the binder. These binders can be ordered in  one of five different leather tones: black, dark brown, burgundy, buckskin and saddle. The ring studs are sturdy yet they maintain a low profile to enhance the compact appearance of the binders.

medallian logo on leather binder

Adding an optional medallion logo will take your branding to the next level.

Order these customized binders with your logo embossed, laser engraved or in medallion form on the leather and watch your customer base expand over time. Since these custom-embossed binders can be easily stowed in suitcases and even large handbags, bring them along on your next business trip and let the logo and quality of the product speak for itself. These binders can be purchased in bulk today.