How Promotional Products Can Help Your Business

flip chart ring binder custom branded with logo

Custom Branded Flip Chart Ring Binder – as low as $8.27

Promotional products are becoming used more and more by businesses because they work. These products are designed to be a constant reminder as well as to encourage and inspire customers and employees. Moreover, the also benefits companies since they are used for advertising, marketing or promoting the company name.

A flip chart ring binder is one of the best customized promotional products. This kind of binder allows clients and employees a hands free option when doing a presentation. They are ideal for corporate manuals, educational materials, marketing agencies, advertising agencies and pharmaceutical representatives.

This flip chart ring binder comes in an array of colors such as green French calf, yellow French calf, grey French calf, black suedene, royal blue French calf and white French calf. You can have your company name and branded logo imprinted on the front of the binder, binder spine and back of the binder.

Promotional products, such as custom printed flip chart ring binder, have a wide array of uses such as business gifts, trade shows, safety programs, employee relations, brand awareness, incentives and motivation and event marketing.

Flip chart ring binders can also be used for building a loyal customer base, encouraging repeat business, generating leads, increasing traffic at trade show events, developing brand identity and improving advertising responses.

There have been several studies that have shown that promotional products can help businesses. One study that was completed by Schreiber & Associates discovered that 39% of folks that were provided with a promotional product remembered the name of the company on the product six months after receiving it.

Another study by a United States University showed that branding products can increase response rates by 75% when used in direct mail solicitations.

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