These Donut Boxes Will Brighten Up Any Office

custom printed donut boxes

Custom Printed Donut Boxes With Roof Top Design – from $1.92 – $3.65

Are you having a meeting at the office of an important client? To provide them with a custom branded reminder of your company long after you have left the meeting come armed with a customized donut box with some doughy, sugary treats in them. They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so make it a good one by showing up at your meeting with a custom printed donut box that will put you in the good graces of a new or potential client.

Useful for more than just getting into the good graces of a new client, these personalized donut boxes also make a great thank you gift for a business associate, colleague, boss or even a friend or neighbor. Not just for donuts, these boxes can also be used to deliver cookies, candies and other goodies to the recipient of your choice.

If your company is participating in some type of community event one great way to advertise is to obtain these customized donut boxes, fill them with goodies and give them out to potential customers or clients. At a community, company or industry event the attendees will likely speak with many different people about many different companies. To make yours stand out among the crowd, show up armed with these donut boxes and hand them out to the people you meet and the contacts you make. The inclusion of a delicious treat in the box you give them will help them favorably remember you and your company.

Have your company’s name or logo printed on both sides of these donut boxes and get ready to use the easiest marketing tool ever. Your customers and clients will surely be impressed with what you offer them.

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