Satisfy Your Thirst for New Customers With These Cool Dome-Design Water Bottles

Dome Design 4 Color Process Flip Top Water

Flip Top Water Bottles With Custom Full Color Printed Domes – priced from $4.60– $5.50

Everyone is thirsty at some point throughout each day. Why not quench the thirst of your business associates and prospective clients with these custom-printed water bottles for around five dollars? Water bottles can make great, inexpensive simple gifts. Generic yet practical, they can surely satisfy any recipient regardless of his or her demographic.

Bring these custom-printed water bottles with you to your next business convention. With your company logo clearly visible in one of the imprint areas, recipients and passersby alike will have a chance to be exposed to your brand and services. Thanks to the ability to have full color printing on each water bottle, your message will be aesthetically appealing as well as clearly decipherable. You can also throw these custom-branded water bottles in as giveaways at networking parties and promotional events. Co-mingling with prospective clients can become a bit more effortless with the aid of these bottles. Their quality construction and usefulness are two factors guaranteed to get a conversation started.

Though these custom-printed water bottles sell for around five dollars, they are sturdy and reliable. Each bottle features a durable loop to which a karabiner clip can be attached. Each bottle also features a push-button flip top with a safety latch to prevent spills. The translucent plastic which makes up the body of the bottle is sturdy and long-lasting. Each bottle holds up to 24 ounces of water, making it a practical choice for its large quantity.

Your company’s visibility potential is automatically increased twice as much as with most other products due to the ability to imprint your logo on two areas of this custom-branded water bottle. Both imprint areas are  rather large, making them sufficient for clear, decipherable logos of a decent proportion.

You can order these promotional bottles in your choice of blue, green or red. Choose the color that suits your business best and make your bulk order today.