Solar Powered Fan Cap Keeps Your Brand Hot While Keeping Others Cool

solar fan cap hat custom printed

Black Solar Powered Fan Hat – custom printed – priced from $14.71 – $19.54

The Solar Powered Fan Cap is a custom printed cap with solar powered fan built into the brim of the hat. This unique hat makes an interesting gift for anyone. While it is only available in black, it is still worth purchasing just for the included solar powered fan alone. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the heat either for personal or work reasons.

The best part of this cap is that you can have it personalized above either of the cap’s two solar panels. Giving someone a hat personalized with their name or the name of your company is a great way to make them feel like they matter. If your company is running an outdoor event giving each of your employees one of these solar powered fan caps is a great way to keep them cool and advertise your company at the same time. In addition, it serves as a fun promotional item that can help you advertise your social media presence.

Anyone can give someone a boring cap but giving them a solar fan cap is something they will always remember and appreciate. Those who collect them will also appreciate having this unique cap added to their collection. Since most caps are one size fits all, you can give this one to an adult or a child and it should fit on their head. This cap can be great for children to wear when they play outside on a warm day. Allowing them to quickly cool down, this cap will help them get more exercise and keep them more active.

You shouldn’t hesitate to purchase the solar fan cap if you are looking to give someone a practical gift that they will also enjoy owning and wearing.

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