Give The Gift of Warmth With These Custom Embroidered Fleece Blankets

embroidered fleece blankets

Custom Embroidered Polar Fleece Blanket – as low as $9.95 each.

The winter isn’t complete unless you have a nice warm, soft fleece to wrap up in. You can choose a fleece blanket in white, black, gold, pink, navy red or royal blue.

The best part is that you can have your fleece personalized with your name or a company logo. This embroidered polar fleece blanket is something everyone can enjoy and works very well as a gift to a special someone, or a way for a company to reward its employees or clients. Giving someone a customized blanket means that they won’t have to worry about their blanket getting mixed up with someone else’s. It also works well as a promotional item to help you advertise your social media presence.

These fleece blankets are perfect for picnics, camping, outdoor events and sporting events. There is nothing worse than going camping or being at an event in the cold and not having something to keep you warm. Since they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they can safely be washed.

Just about everyone loves receiving a personalized gift like this one. Being made from fleece, these blankets are very comfortable to use in so many different situations. You can purchase one for each member of the family so that everyone can have their own.

If you travel a lot you will be thrilled to know that these fleece blankets can be rolled up for easy transport and can come with optional carrying straps.  Whether you are driving or flying, this fleece blanket will be easy to take with you so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of it away from home. You can wrap yourself in the blanket while you are sitting on an air conditioned plane. When you send someone on company travel you will know this fleece will keep them warm and comfortable.

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