Promotional Neoprene Coasters Build Your Brand While Protecting Desktops

brooklyn neoprene full color promo coaster

Brooklyn Neoprene Coaster with custom imprinted logo – as low as $.73

What better way to spread the word about your business than by imprinting your logo on an every-day practical item? A coaster is likely to be used every day; most people want to prevent water rings from forming on their furniture, therefore coasters are as practical as placemats. Feature these simple yet appealing Brooklyn Neoprene coasters as a part of a promotional giveaway and ensure that  the recipients are reminded of your brand each time the gift is being used.

These custom logo printed coasters are durable and flexible. Their non-skid bottoms ensure that any beverage container set upon one of them will be perpetually spill-proof. Their 1/8′ thickness ensures that these custom-printed coasters are portable and sleek–they can be brought out for any occasion and stored without much fanfare.

You are free to design these promotional coasters in any color best suited for your needs. Plain casual coasters with a small logo imprint may be more appropriate than a more colorful, flamboyant set with a larger imprint–it is up to your discretion how your business is promoted.

Take these custom logo printed neoprene coasters on a business trip and pass them out as party favors at recreational and networking events. They are guaranteed to make a unique and durable gift–one that does not cost a fortune to manufacture or purchase. Small objects such as promotional neoprene coasters can do wonders for your marketing campaign. Why spend thousands on billboards and airtime when a neoprene coaster is so much more personal and will last a lot longer?

Share your business with others and provide the gift of fewer water rings on wooden furniture by gifting these custom logo printed neoprene coasters at your next promotional events. Order them today and have them on hand for future promotions and giveaways.

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