Promote Your Brand With These Heart-Shaped Microfiber Cloths

heart shaped lens microfiber cloth

Heart Shaped Cleaning Cloth – customize with your full color graphics – as low as $.95 each. Click image for info.

There is no better way to promote a business or a brand than by imprinting its logo on an item that is used constantly and is easily portable. This notion makes these Luv Heart Microfiber lens cloths a must-have promotional product.

People use Microfiber cloths on a daily basis because they are easy to clean and do not scratch surfaces. Furthermore, they clean and polish glass surfaces to a desirable shine, reducing the risk of scratches and scuffs. These heart-shaped cleaning cloths can be used on reading glasses, sun glasses, computer monitors and even smart phone screens. Your logo is bound to get maximum exposure via these promotional cloths and their frequent usability.

Microfiber cloths are desirable in general, but make them into heart-shaped cloths and use colorful artwork to imprint a neat logo on them and their popularity is bound to skyrocket.Your artwork can be reproduced using full-color logo printing. This is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing and alluring to the average pair of eyes. The recipients of your custom-branded gift will be compelled to show curious third parties this unique microfiber cloth with its flattering design. This means twice as much exposure for your business than you originally expected.

Allow your brand and your business to sneak its way into the hearts of business associates and even potential customers by passing out these pleasant and practical heart-shaped promotional microfiber cloths. Place your bulk order today. This might be one of the cheapest and most productive ways in which you will ever promote your cause and company.

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