Mend Business Travel Needs of Your Clients | Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit

A Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit mends your client's travel needs.

A Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit mends your client’s travel needs.

For clients and business associates who travel frequently, nothing comes more in handy than the Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit. With accessories for personal care and sewing, this is one of the best gifts for road warriors in the business world.

Custom logo branded manicure kits and sewing kits allow your marketing message to travel right along with your clients, employees and business associates. Your logo will see the world, and in turn the world will see your company’s logo.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Deluxe Manicure Sew Kits also make excellent tradeshow giveaways and special event giveaways. Anyone who must travel for business understands the value of a quality manicure kit, especially one with a sewing kit included.

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The Deluxe Manicure Sew Kit finally includes everything that a business traveller needs while on a trip. So, what’s included in custom logo branded manicure kits and sewing kits?

  • 8 spools of thread
  • 3 sewing needles & needle threader
  • plastic thimble
  • 2 safety pins
  • 2 buttons
  • tweezers & scissors
  • nail clipper & file
  • cuticle pusher
  • vinyl tape measure

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