Purify The Image of Your Brand with a bobble Filtered Water Bottle

bobble filtered water bottle with custom promotional printed logo

bobble® 18.5 oz filtered water bottle with custom printed logo – as low as $9.98

You don’t have to reinvent your brand, all you have to do is purify it with the bobble filtered water bottle. This water bottle is not your ordinary water bottle — it actually filters as you drink!

When you give clients a custom logo branded filter water bottle, clients will understand that your company will help with whatever they might need. Clients will find it refreshing to know they have a strong company behind them.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Wonder how it filters as you drink? A replaceable carbon filter removes any contaminants from tap water for up to 300 bottles of purified water.

Washing it is as simple as using soap and water, which makes being sustainable and eco-friendly just as easy!

Give the gift of a bobble filtered water bottle to clients or even to employees. A water bottle that filters as you drink is also a perfect tradeshow giveaway or special event gift.

Besides, there are plenty of residual marketing opportunities every single time your client or employee pull out their custom logo branded filter water bottle. Your logo will be front and center so that everyone knows about your company.

Contact us today to learn more about what a custom logo branded filter water bottle can do for your business.