Your Logo will become a Keepsake with Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins – as low as $5.20

Fancy becoming a keepsake in someone else’s pocket and have a lifetime of free advertising? Then, these Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins would definitely do the trick.

Since time immemorial, die struck coins have been used as a reward as a token of honor, encouragement and pride. What better way to reward your employees with this die struck custom molded metal coins?

As employee gifts, you are using it to reward individuals for a job well done. When used like this, you are acknowledging their professional accomplishments.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

These custom branded logo brass coins feature a traditional symbol and is perfect as a lifetime keepsake. You can choose either one or two-sided coin with its custom shape, manufactured in brass base material.

You can also go for an optional soft enamel or resin enamel color fill. The Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins come in highly perceived value and are excellent as keepsakes for group members, employees, academic institutes, non-profit organizations, and clubs and even in military units.

These custom designed challenge coins are perfect as branded business gifts and are great for any occasion. In fact, your employees or even customers can bring this timeless piece in their pockets. In return, you’ll get a lifetime worth of advertisement and marketing. How is that for a piece of challenge coin?

If you want a unique form of marketing, your logo will become someone’s keepsake through this Die Struck Brass Challenge Coins. Please click here for more information.

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