Metal Foosball Desk Set | Perfect for Soccer and Sports Lovers

Get in the game with a Metal Foosball Desk Set.

Custom Printed Mini Foosball Desk Set – as low as $14.90

A Metal Foosball Desk Set is the perfect executive gift for sports-minded individuals who appreciate competition.

This desktop foosball game is also ideal for international clients because chances are they follow the sport closely. No sport has quite the following that soccer has developed on the world stage.

With the World Cup approaching in 2014, the world is about to fall in love with soccer all over again. To capitalize on this summer’s events, give the very appropriate executive gift of a custom printed mini foosball game.

 Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

Choose from one of the standard colors in stock (black, white, blue, red, yellow, gold & silver) and an imprinting color to show off your company’s colors. The logo will be prominently displayed on either side of the goal line.

When your clients score while playing the desktop foosball game, it’s also a score for your business. They’ll know that doing business with your company puts them in a position to achieve their goals — both in soccer and in business!

Contact us today for more information about how executive gifts can impact your business and to request a sample of this custom printed mini foosball game.