Promote Your Brand and Market Your Business with Custom Gift Cards


Brand Promotion with Custom Gift Cards

Brand Promotion with Custom Gift Cards – $.13 – $.75 each


One of the great ways to promote your brand and market your business is with Custom Gift Cards. These plastic gift cards are excellent in delighting customers as they make a purchase and the package is complete.

You customize the design and print your logo or brand name on these custom rechargeable gift cards. It is perfect for your branded business gifts at affordable wholesale prices.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

You can even buy this durable plastic gift card at any quantity. You can give away this gift cards to their family and friends.

You can either customize the design itself or let us design it for you. It is rectangular, has rounded corners and is the standard size of 2 1/8” x 3 3/8.” You can choose from varying thickness but the standard is 0.011” to 0.030”.

Your name, logo, pin numbers or automated lists can be printed directly via thermal printing on each piece. Alternatively, embossing may also be done with black, gold or silver tipping. Amazingly, you can even affix your signature and other custom signature panels are also available.

When it comes to easy marketing of your brand, this custom gift cards may sound traditional. But, there is nothing traditional with how they look.

Want to promote your brand or market your business? Get your hands on these custom gift cards today!