Microfiber Cloth – 5” x 5” | Creative Way to Promote Your Brand


Custom full color printed Microfiber Cloth

Full color printed microfiber cleaning cloth 5 x 5 – from $.44 – $1.21


In a digital era, it is not surprising to see almost everyone having touch screen devices like smartphones or iPads. Having a custom printed Microfiber Cloth with dimension of 5” x 5” would just be great!

What’s great about this full color process printed cleaning cloth is that it is not only perfect for cleaning iPhones, iPads, iPods, PDAs and Touch Screen Phones but also excellent in cleaning eye glasses, sun glasses, cameras and a whole lot more!

The custom printed large microfiber cleaning cloth can become your next event promotions as employee gifts, customer incentives or promotional products.

Its material will always start as white, which can be full color imprinted with your brand name or logo. The product includes a 4-color process imprint on one side with free setup charge. Each cloth is available with its clear polybag for convenience.

You can pick from the two finishing edge options namely – Flower Cut or Zigzag Cut.

We customize remarkable products & apparel to tell your unique brand story.

Among the creative ways to promote your brand, this Microfiber Cloth – 5” x 5” is probably one of the best promotional items for phone manufacturers or mobile devices. It is even great for ophthalmology clinics.

When you launch your next product, this microfiber cleaning cloth is an excellent promotional item you can include with the product.

If you want to know what one of the best product giveaways is, this microfiber cleaning cloth should do the trick. Please click here for more details.