Bring Back the Slinky For Your Clients | Branded Metal Coil Spring

Clients and their children love playing with a custom branded slinky.

Custom printed slinky $2.70 – $2.90

Everyone loves a slinky! The classic theme song rings true even today with a logo printed metal slinky. Clients will appreciate the throw back to the good old days with promotional toys that never go out of style.

This Metal Coil Spring is an excellent choice for tradeshow giveaways that will keep people coming to your exhibit booth all conference long. Available in gold or silver, a custom branded slinky is the perfect way to attract new business.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

A logo printed metal slinky is also great for events, especially family-friendly events with children. You’ll have everyone’s attraction with these giveaways. As children play and adults relive their childhood with promotional toys, your brand will be reinforced.

Don’t just give away any old product at a tradeshow or company event and expect your marketing to work. Instead of boring products that nobody wants, choose to give unique giveaways that will surely create a memorable impact on your clients and potential customers.

Contact us today to request a sample of our logo printed metal slinky and to receive additional information about the impact that promotional toys can have on your business.