Win Over Your Client’s Children | Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons

Draw in your clients with Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons

Custom branded Economy 3 Pack of Crayons – as low as $.37

If you want to portray a family image with your branded promotional products, then don’t just focus on your adult client’s, focus on their children as well. Catering to your client’s children lets them know that you value the whole family, not simply the payments received.

Children of all ages love crayons and your company can deliver inspiration with branded crayons for kids. The Prang Economy 3 Pack Crayons are the perfect option for printed logo promotional crayons that will surely leave a smile on every child’s face.

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This mini pack crayons with custom logo on box comes with three colors inside: red, blue and yellow. The packaging is environmental and economical to show your clients that you are committed to providing high quality services at low costs.

Plus, the generic packaging allows you to maximize the space on the box to highlight your branded logo with a one or two color silkscreen print. Giving away branded crayons for kids is a great promotion for restaurants, utility companies, recycling/waste management companies and more.

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