Keep Your Company on Your Client’s Mind With Satin Sleep Masks

A custom printed satin sleep mask

Custom branded satin sleep mask 

A custom printed satin sleep mask is a unique promotional giveaway that is especially effective for airlines, travel agencies, cruise lines, event planners and wedding planners. This eye mask with branded logo is the perfect gift for any client that must travel frequently for business or is expected to undergo intense stress because of a specific event or project.

What better way to keep your company on your client’s mind then with a satin sleep mask? As the worries of your clients melt away and they fade into sleep, your clients will be reassured by your company and associate your brand with a sense of calm amidst the stress of doing business.

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Satin sleep masks customized with your company’s logo provide relief and calm for your clients while reinforcing your brand. Anytime your clients are traveling, especially by plane, they will appreciate the calm that the satin sleep masks offer. For national or regional conferences, conventions or trade shows, eye masks are the perfect giveaway.

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