Drive Your Brand Message with This Solar Phone Charger

Get these Solar Phone Chargers for your customers

Customize these convenient Solar phone chargers with your logo.

Solar phone chargers are convenient to use, and also offer high charging efficiency to users. They’re important for everyone who takes unbroken connection with family, friends and customers seriously. This can happen when the general electric grid fails- which does happen from time to time in many regions throughout the world. The solar charger is also essential for those who may simply forget to charge their phones fully before leaving their home or office.  No one wants to lose power connection on their iPhones, Blackberry devices, iPods and smartphones.

Your business can take advantage of the solar charger as a branding platform when gifting employees, potential and existing customers. This will not only give them (employees and customers) lifesaving emergency power for their cell phones, but also help them stay in touch with their loved ones at home.

Brand Spirit provides unique products & apparel to tell your brand story.

In addition, companies can use the solar charger to deliver their brand message as giveaways during trade shows, conventions, promos, etc. All this is possible because the solar charger can allow ample imprints; meaning, not only will they add custom logos to the solar charger giveaways; their custom brand graphics, business tag lines and colors can be creatively imprinted on these solar chargers as well.

Take advantage of the numerous print screen colors available to win and retain customers while helping them connect to their loved ones this giving season. You also get to benefit from generous unit price discounts on bulk orders as well as quick deliveries.

Order these for your company today.