Get Greater Impact From Promotional Campaigns With Custom Packaging

custom press kits

Press kit folders available in many styles and sizes.


custom promotional gift box insert

Custom gift boxes with die cut platform inserts enhance the overall packaging aesthetic


custom promotional gift box

Imprint gift boxes top to bottom with your custom graphics


custom printed binders

custom printed binders are perfect for meetings, sales materials and more.

CD DVD Custom Packaging

CD DVD Custom Packaging

custom kitting package

Custom kitting services include placing all your products and collateral into your custom package.

Have you ever received a product in a nice quality package that you just didn’t want to throw away because it looked so good?  We’ve probably all experienced this at many points in our life, whether it’s the packaging for your new iPhone or tech gadget, make up, perfume, shoes…you name it.  Packaging goes a long way in establishing a brand identity and in many situations, the packaging can be just as important as the contents.

Click here to view a wide range of custom packaging options from Brand Spirit.  Choose from a variety of customization methods – Screen Printing (good for pantone colors), Offset (good for high-runs, half-tones and CMYK), Digitally Printed Vignettes (super for small runs that require CMYK and variable data like names or places) and Blind Deboss for a subtle yet classy look.

Custom printed portfolios (also known as Press Kits, Media Mailers, Sales Kits or Presentation Cases) are ideal for sending printed materials and other collateral.

Custom gift boxes are perfect for packaging your promotional products or business gifts along with any other printed materials.  Our line of gift boxes are ideal for creating sales kits, press kits, presentation packages and more.

Custom printed 3-Ring Binders play an essential role in showcasing sales materials, meeting information, etc.

Custom printed CD DVD Media kits for your digital data.

Custom printed desktop storage boxes keep desktop items neatly organized.