Successful Direct Mail Marketing Examples & Ideas (part 2)

Direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your business.  Below are some creative examples and ideas that are compelling, unique and out of the box.  But most of all, they are examples of how when direct mail marketing is done right, it can result in incredible ROI (return on investment).

photographer direct mail piece successful

A food photographer sent this direct mail marketing piece which included a custom printed spatula

A food photographer set out to market her services to art directors and photography editors who were not familiar with her or her work.  Working with the theme “Home made Goodness” this direct mail piece is made up of custom recipe cards showcasing her photography work, a stylish business card, a homemade cookie and a custom imprinted spatula…all packed nicely in a cute box.

trojan ball football direct mail campaign

The “Trojan Ball” campaign surpassed expected response rates and generated a great amount of business opportunities.

This direct mail campaign which was sent out to high-level executives, was made to look like a brand new soccer ball in it’s original packaging.  Inside was actually a custom branded football along with statistics showing that the #1 sport watched by Hispanics is actually NFL football, not soccer.  The campaign succeeded well beyond expectations, convincing decision makers where to spend their marketing budgets.  Amazing what a solid message, some creative packaging and a promotional football can do.

Direct Mail Splat Ball Tomato

Tomato splat direct mail marketing campaign

This clever campaign for an online laundry business was simply created using custom packaging and a promotional splat ball.  The marketing message read “It’ll be a hard blow for stains. To get the idea behind our service, hit this T-shirt.  If you really want to try it out, register now at our website.”

32% of recipients registered online – 8% turned into customers.  Overall site traffic increased by 15%.  Now that’s good marketing.

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