Creative Direct Mail Marketing Mailer Ideas (part 1) – Image Viewer

35mm digital print viewer in mailing box

Image viewer in mailing box – as low as $3.82 each

We are very excited to launch the very first creative marketing mailer idea in our brand new blog!  This will be the first of many to come so be sure to subscribe to the Brand Spirit Blog and keep the inspiration flowing your way.

Keychain photo/image viewers have been around for many years and you could even say they have a bit of retro appeal.  Back in the day, they were mostly used with 35mm film slides.  But now digital printing has made these even more cost-effective to produce, thus lending themselves quite well for promotional uses.

There are so many great ways to utilize this piece for your marketing message.  It’s perfect for any photographic images, movies, television shows, promoting a scenic view, graphic images and just about anything your imagination can conceive.

This ready-to-ship marketing package comes complete with the custom imprinted viewer with custom digital image, mailing package as shown and assembly.  The only other piece you will want to include is a custom insert card which we can also supply if needed.  Click here for additional product information.

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